Friday, 20 August 2010

Review: Eyeko Mascara

Despite all the good reviews I had read and heard about this mascara, when I purchases it I still wasn't expecting much from it. It seems I may have been proved wrong though!

The Brush

At first look at this brush it's difficult to imagine how it would make your lashes look good, but believe me it does. It seperates, volumises and lengthens.

The Formula

The forumla of this mascara is quite wet. I would say if this is something you aren't keen on then stay away from this mascara. However, I really like the formula because it coats all my lashes, root to tip without dragging on them or looking clumpy.

The Packaging

I admit that the packaging on this mascara isn't the most sophisticated or expensive looking but I personally love it. It's unique, looks really funky and is completely different to anything else on the market.

Before and After


As you can see this mascara gives my lashes length and volume aswell as seperating them.

I'm really impressed with this and I think I may have found my holy grail mascara. I'm the kind of girl who uses a mascara until it drys up and then moves onto the next one. This mascara however will have a permanent place in my collection for a long time.

Have you tried eyeko mascara? What do you think of it?

Laura xXx


  1. It does look lovely! My favourite at the moment is Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara Waterproof, it's soo volumising and fairly lengthening too. I'd love to try Eyeko's mascara only I don't have a Superdrug that stocks it anywhere near me :( internet it is then!

  2. Your post is beautiful! follow each other?:X


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