Monday, 29 June 2009


My boyfriend bought me a bunch of pink lillies for getting my degree results last week! They have all opened up and they look absolutely beautiful!

Thanks Baby!

I love you


Mini Haul

...I really have no self control!

The main reason i went to boots was to buy a hair dye! I used to have blonde sections in the bottom layers of my hair and they are showing through again and i hate it! Originally i bought a reddy brown colour but i decided it was a bad idea because i want it to fade out naturally as i want to try and get back to my natural colour. So instead i went with a really plain dark brown thats close to my natural colour...

And of course while i was there i had to pick up a few extra bits to make the 'most' of the double points!!

I got two barry m glossy tubes in number 4 (left) which is a gorgeous nudey colour and number (2) which is a irridescent light pink colour. These are the first barry m glosses i have purchased and i LOVE them. The colours, the consistency, the pigmentation! I think they are great! :) Has anyone tried any of the other colours??

I also got the loreal super liner in carbon gloss. At the minute i use maybelline liner express, which is fine but i'm still experimenting with liquid liners because i only started using them about 4 months ago! (I never though i would be capable of applying it in a straight line) The main reason i got this is for the applicator, which is the same as the maybelline one. Its like the spongey tip... i really can't get on with the ones with the really fine brushes... how anyone achieves a straight line with that i will never know!

And finally i went mad on nail polish! Barry M nail paints are two for £5 at the minute, so i thought i would add to my collection. And revlon nail polishes had £2 off... so i couldn't resist picking up tropical temptation and spotted the cute pink colour aswell! Nail polish is definately my biggest weakness!!

From left to right - barry m 294 cyan blue, barry m 279 bright pink, revlon 093 tropical tempation, 090 posh pink.

Oh by the way... can anyone recommend me a really good base coat/top coat... my nail polish never seems to last no matter which brand i use and it really frustrates me!

Hope you all had a great monday!

Laura xXx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

My first BBQ of the year...

So last night i went to my first BBQ of the year.... and it rained! :(

It's all good though because it did eventually stop so we still got yummy bbq food and we had a great evening!

My make-up:

I went witha pink and purple look with a big a navy blue in the crease to deepen the look. It's not usually colours i would go for but i fancied ringing the changes instead of going for the safe smokey eye.

My outfit:

I wore my trusty denim crops, a white summery top with a black waist belt and cute white peep toe wedges.

Today i spent the day enjoying the beautiful weather with my boyfriend... such a lovely day! Heres a photo of me wearing his mirrored aviators!

He suggested i bought a pair... but i think i'll give it a miss!!

Hope you have all had a fab weekend!



Thursday, 25 June 2009

Accessorize Haul

So i couldn't resist having a sneaky look in accessorize as i was walking past today! And this is what i picked up...

I've been eyeing this bracelet up for ages and i've seen it on people's blogs and you tube video's, so today i just kinda thought sod it!! And i love it!

When i went to pay, the sales assistant asked me if i had seen the matching necklace and she showed it to me, and being as weak as i am i bought that aswell!

And finally i bought this cute little bag charm.

Of course i couldn't go home without having a sneaky little look in boots! I didn't pick up much, just a few things...

I got revlon matte lipstick is nude attitude. Natural collection mositure shine lipstick in apple blossom. Maybelline mineral blusher in topaz rose and nivea tinted moisturiser.

On the left is the collection 2000 lipstick. I'm soo impressed with this... it only cost £1.95. The consistency is much better than i expected, its really quite creamy and the colour is a lovely pinky nude.

On the right is revlon nude attitude. I'd say it was a pretty peachy kind of nude. It's completely different to the like's of gosh - darling. I've swatched them next to each other below so you can tell the difference. I like it... but i think i'll be reaching for my gosh before i reach for this.

At the bottom is the maybelline blusher. It's such a gorgeous pink colour. I already have the moonlight mauve one and i'm really impressed with these blushes. They go on smoothly, they are really pigmented and a little goes a long way. The little pots are gonna last me ages.

And finally, the nivea tinted moisturiser. I have just applied it on my face and i'm really impressed. i didn't expect the coverage to be that great being a tinted moisturiser but i was pleasntly surprised. I got the 'natural' shade, i don't know if there are other options but that was the only one on the shelf. Even though the colour choice is limited it still suited my skin really well.

The picture doesn't show the coloures that well... but on the left is revlon - nude attitude and on the left is gosh darling!

Laura xXx

20 Questions Tag

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without
My purse, phone and keys would be the top three! But I usually carry much more than that around with me... so I’ll just say my bag!! :)

2.Favourite brand of makeup
I’d love the say MAC but I’m still saving up for my first purchases!! So drugstore... Revlon, Maybelline, Barry M and gosh.

3.Favourite flower
Pink roses!

4. Favourite clothing store
At the moment, I would say river island and zara. New look’s probably my favourite for shoes... they’re soo reasonably priced aswell!
5. Favourite Purfume
Day – CK in to you. Night – Armani code

6.Heels or Flats
Flats... i wear flats all the time during the day just for comfort and I love ballet pumps and flip flops! I’m pretty tall aswell so sometimes I just feel like a gaint wearing heels during the day. I LOVE wearing heels when I’m going out, I always end up moaning that my feet are hurting my the end of the night though!

7. Do you make good grades
Yeah I’m pretty proud of the grades I’ve achieved. I got 7 A’s and 2 B’s at GCSE, got three B’s at A level and got a 2:1 on the degree! I’m pretty happy with all of those!

8. Favourite colours
CORAL at the minute, I’m obsessed! But pink and purple are my long term favourites.

9.Do you drink energy drinks
EUGH... no! I think they are really rank!

10.Do you drink juice
No I pretty much never drink juice... I prefer plain water! How boring?!

11. Do you like swimming
I used to take lessons and got badges and stuff when I was little but I don’t do it regularly anymore. I only really swim on holiday now and I absolutely hate putting my head under water.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
Not unless I’m in a posh restaurant! Otherwise... it’s gotta be fingers!!

13. Favourite moisturiser
At the moment I’m using nivea light day moisturiser... it’s working for me quite well! But I don’t really have a favourite, I don’t tend to stay loyal to one particular moisturiser.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
YES... definitely! Well that’s as long as I find the right guy J I want a big girly white wedding!

15. Do you get mad easily
Hmmm... I think I can be pretty stroppy when I want to be, but it’s usually necessary. I don’t get mad as in... shouting and screaming. But I tell you what did make me mad today. I was in boots in the centre of my town which I haven’t been in for ages coz I avoid going into town because I absolutely hate it. Anyway... they didn’t have a barry M counter... what’s all that about?

16. Are you into ghost hunting
What a random question... no not at all!!

17. Any phobias
Dogs... I really don’t know where it’s come from but I really am scared of them. If I’m walking along the street and I see a dog I have to get the person I’m walking with the stand on the other side of me... nearest to the dog. Its like a protection thing... stupid eh?

18.Do you bite your nails
I think I used to when I was loads younger but I haven’t done for ages now. The thought of it grosses me out!

19. Have you ever had a near death experience
Thankfully no!

20. Do you drink coffee
Yeah I love coffee! Although I have become more of a tea drinker lately. I used to drink coffee every day. My favourites are latte’s and cappuccino’s.
I tag whoever wants to do this!
Laura xXx


Today i went for a really neutral eye with a pop of blue under my lower lash line and baby pink lips!!

And the outfit...
Since it's been soo gorgeous and warm over here lately i went with a summery outfit. I wore a cotton tunic from zara with a waist belt and black leggings!
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!
Laura xXx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

TAG: What's in my bag...

I've seen this tag going for a while now and thought i'd jump on the bandwagon!

So this is my bag.... I got it from next in January. I never spend loads of money on my bags because i always get bored and buy a new one, then the old one gets forgotten about! I think it's time for new a new bag round about now!! :)

Fistly is the stuff i literally couldn't leave the house without, my house and car keys, my purse and my phone!

I always carry around my diary, I'd be lost without it because my short term memory is terrible. And i use this cute little notebook for work.

I always carry my umbrella with me because you never know what the crazy british weather is gonna do next and my sunglasses come around with me in the summer. I also have a comb, a pen, my ipod and some carex hand gel.

These are the only make up products i carry around with me. I never carry a make up bag, because my bag isn't big enough but also because i don't usually touch up througout the day. I carry blistex intensive moisturiser, vaseline rosy lips, whatever lipstick i'm wearing that day. Today it was barry M 101 and 147 and I always have a compact mirror with me!

So that's my bag! :)

Just one more thing... yesterday i picked up 'red' magazine, purely because it had a free make-up bag with it. It's actually a really good size for a freebie! It comes in white aswell!

YAY for magazine freebies!! :)

Stay Beautiful xXx

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sooo Happy!!

I found out the results of my degree yesterday... it was a surprise because we weren't supposed to get them till friday! Anyway... i got a 2:1 and i am super chuffed!! :D

ALSO... cat is having a giveaway. The rules are that you must be a subscriber and you must mention her contest in your blog... so go check it out at

That's all for today... short and sweet!

Hope you are all staying beautiful!! xXx

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Last night i went out for tea at Nando's (yummy) with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. We had a lovely evening! :)

Eyes: I used the lightest gold colour out of the sleek storm palette all over my lid and in my inner corner. Then i used the dark green shade from the same palette in the outer corner, crease and under my lower lash line. I've never tried this combination of colours before but i liked it!

Lips: I kept them really neutral and using gosh darling and a bit of natural collection lipgloss in fondant.

And the outfit...

(I apologise.. i really haven't worked out how to master these outfit photo's yet :S)

I wore a orange drape tunic top with a white vest underneath, leggings and my gladiator sandals. It wasn't all that warm outside so i layered a long black cardy over the top. It was a casual date so i kept the outfit pretty casual too :)

Hope you all had a great Saturday night!

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Just to continue my coral obsession...

OPI - Shootout at the OK Coral

I believe this polish came out with the summer 2009 colorcopia collection to celebrate their 20th anniversary. It was originally released with the american collection in 1995.

I LOVE this colour, it's a bright, vibrant coral colour with pink and purpley duochrome running thought it, but this photo just doesn't do it any justice at all!

Stay Beautiful xXx

Ins and Outs 1


-Coral - I am absolutely in love with the colour

-Cups of tea - they really do solve everything

-Not having to spend all my free time doing uni work... FREEDOM! :)

-The barry M 147 lip paint - such a beautiful colour

-Boots vouchers/points - i'm thinking about what i'm going to treat myself to with my points already!


-The crazy british weather - one mintute its glorious sunshine, the next it's chucking it down with rain. I wish it would make it's mind up!

-Not having enough money to purchase my first mac product - my wishlist is growing :(

-My hair not growing - i want it down to my waist :(

- My graduation outfit - why am i finding it sooo difficult to find what i'm looking for!?

Stay Beautiful xXx

Friday, 19 June 2009

Gladiator Sandals

(sorry about all the posts today!!)

I've been looking for some gladiator sandals for ages but i have never come across a pair that i've really loved! Until i found these...

I actually got these from the 915 kid's section in new look... but to my delight they do shoes up to a size 6! And what's more... they were a bargain at £14!

Stay Beautiful xXx

REVIEW: John Frieda Luxurious Volume

My hair is naturally fine, flat and lacks volume. I started using John Frieda luxurious volume products about 7 months and they have transformed the way I wear my hair. I have so many compliments on my hair since i started using these products.

Before and After:

Thickening Mousse:

Claim: ‘The alcohol free formulation helps boost volume and fullness to even the finest hair. With added heat protection the mousse builds volume by lifting hair from the roots, making hair feel fuller and gives a flexible, natural hold that it perfect for hair that’s difficult to style’.

Verdict: I actually think this is the pivotal product in creating volume. I never thought I could achieve volume in my hair but this product is really great. The volume lasts all day and even into the next day. This product doesn’t feel too heavy however, I’d say the only downside to this product is that if you get too much concentrated in one area it can feel a bit sticky, but as long as the product is distributed evenly it avoids this problem.

Thickening Blow Dry Lotion:

Claim: ‘ Thickens the hair shaft to boost volume and give fullness on even the finest hair. Contains a unique heat shielf technology that products the hair from heat styling.’

Verdict: This is great blow drying spray. I would say if you are looking for a product that won’t make your hair feel like it has loads of product in it but you still want to achieve some volume, this is the product. The fact that it has heat protection in it is an added bonus for me because it means I don’t have to worry about adding an extra product to my hair. I think this and the mousse work perfectly together.

Thickening Texture Paste:

Claims: ‘Helps hold onto style by allowing you to achieve great texture and definition for short or long layers. Helps sculpt the hair and protects against fly-aways and contains sunscreen for added protection.’

Verdict: This is my most recent purchase of the range. The paste is thick enough to create definition and volume but light enough to keep your hair looking natural. This is a product I don’t use every day, I usually use it if I feel my hair is lacking volume or when I’m going out. You can create a really messy and voluminous style if desired or it can just be used to help define layers.

Would I re-purcahse the products?
I have already re-purchased the mousse and spray at least three times so I would definitely recommend them both. If you were going to buy one product from the range I would probably say the mousse. I am still on my first pot of the texture paste; I will see how I feel about re-purchasing it when I have finished it because it's not a product i use all the time. If you really like texture or a messed up style I would definitely recommend it.

Stay Beautiful xXx

Hair Product Haul

So i once again took advantage of my advantage card vouchers today and went on a hair product spree!

Firstly i got two products from the John Freida luxurious volume range. I have been using this range of products for about 7 months now and have repurchased at least 3 times. A review will be coming soon...

I also got Tresemme's 'restructuring deep conditioner' for dry and brittle hair. I have heard a few good things about this product and my hair is in quite bad conditioner due to abuse of straigheners and curling tongs! :S I'm hoping this will help to improve the condition of my hair. I haven't had time to try it yet but on first impressions it smells lovely!

Lastly, I got Lee Staffords treatment 'for hair that never grows'. I saw this product on and thought it would be perfect for me. I really do want hair down to my waste but i can never achieve it because my hair just doesn't like to grow. I'm hoping this product may go some way to fulfilling my want...

Stay Beautiful xXx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Beauty Spree

I got my boots vouchers through the post yesterday which was an excuse for me to go and blow some money on make up! Not that i needed an excuse...

SO i got the other two barry m lipsticks i had been pining after and then a natural collection lip gloss because i loved the colour and it only cost £1.95 :)

From left to right - Barry M 100, Barry M 146, Collection 2000 lipgloss in fondant!

Barry M natural Dazzle:

I've been wanting to try this bronzer for ages. I hit pan on my current bronzer so thought it was the perfect chance to try it. I haven't had chance to test it out properly yet... but hopefully i'll love it!

Loreal resist and shine nail polish - 102

I've been searching for the perfect baby pink nail polish for ages and this might just be the one. It's a really pale pink with a darker pink shimmer running through it. This picture doesn't do it justice at all. It's a really delicate and pretty colour.

I also popped into superdrug to get another sleek eyeshadow palette in jewels.

I absolutely love the colours in this palette. They are totally unique to anything else i have in my collection which is the main reason i picked it up. I just think they are gorgeous and totally wearable!

While i was there i did check out the acid palette because everyones been raving about it. And yeah... they are amazing colours but i just can't see myself wearing such bright/neon colours. I think it would be one of those items that just sat in my collection not really being used.

Has anyone else tried the acid palette??

Stay beautiful! xXx