Thursday, 18 June 2009

Beauty Spree

I got my boots vouchers through the post yesterday which was an excuse for me to go and blow some money on make up! Not that i needed an excuse...

SO i got the other two barry m lipsticks i had been pining after and then a natural collection lip gloss because i loved the colour and it only cost £1.95 :)

From left to right - Barry M 100, Barry M 146, Collection 2000 lipgloss in fondant!

Barry M natural Dazzle:

I've been wanting to try this bronzer for ages. I hit pan on my current bronzer so thought it was the perfect chance to try it. I haven't had chance to test it out properly yet... but hopefully i'll love it!

Loreal resist and shine nail polish - 102

I've been searching for the perfect baby pink nail polish for ages and this might just be the one. It's a really pale pink with a darker pink shimmer running through it. This picture doesn't do it justice at all. It's a really delicate and pretty colour.

I also popped into superdrug to get another sleek eyeshadow palette in jewels.

I absolutely love the colours in this palette. They are totally unique to anything else i have in my collection which is the main reason i picked it up. I just think they are gorgeous and totally wearable!

While i was there i did check out the acid palette because everyones been raving about it. And yeah... they are amazing colours but i just can't see myself wearing such bright/neon colours. I think it would be one of those items that just sat in my collection not really being used.

Has anyone else tried the acid palette??

Stay beautiful! xXx


  1. Hey.

    I love the eyeshadow palette although I would like one without the blue, I love that purplely dark plumish one 2nd to left top though!!

  2. @luc - yeah i absolutely love that colour aswell!

  3. I have 3 of their palettes. Lovin' Sleek right now.

  4. Couldn't agree more about the acid pallette. My husband was like - these colours are great! But actually putting them on your eye is a different matter! I think I will be getting Jewels next - I love Sleek!

  5. Hey what do you think about the Resist and Shine varnish? I hated it, it's streaky!!!

    Btw, I have the acid palette, and I find neon colors are cute, and you can wear them in SOME occasions, however there are all those others awesome colors in the palette, it is definately worth having. I did a review of that on my blog. Posted a few looks as well...


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