Sunday, 21 June 2009


Last night i went out for tea at Nando's (yummy) with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. We had a lovely evening! :)

Eyes: I used the lightest gold colour out of the sleek storm palette all over my lid and in my inner corner. Then i used the dark green shade from the same palette in the outer corner, crease and under my lower lash line. I've never tried this combination of colours before but i liked it!

Lips: I kept them really neutral and using gosh darling and a bit of natural collection lipgloss in fondant.

And the outfit...

(I apologise.. i really haven't worked out how to master these outfit photo's yet :S)

I wore a orange drape tunic top with a white vest underneath, leggings and my gladiator sandals. It wasn't all that warm outside so i layered a long black cardy over the top. It was a casual date so i kept the outfit pretty casual too :)

Hope you all had a great Saturday night!


  1. I've just subbed to your blog, love the outfit!! x x

  2. You have lovely colored eyes!!

  3. looks lovely!! th elee stafford stuff is amazing :)
    im now a follower of your blog! be a follower of mine too!! xx

  4. Soo pretty! Really wish I could be more talented with make-up. xx Leia


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