Thursday, 25 June 2009

Accessorize Haul

So i couldn't resist having a sneaky look in accessorize as i was walking past today! And this is what i picked up...

I've been eyeing this bracelet up for ages and i've seen it on people's blogs and you tube video's, so today i just kinda thought sod it!! And i love it!

When i went to pay, the sales assistant asked me if i had seen the matching necklace and she showed it to me, and being as weak as i am i bought that aswell!

And finally i bought this cute little bag charm.

Of course i couldn't go home without having a sneaky little look in boots! I didn't pick up much, just a few things...

I got revlon matte lipstick is nude attitude. Natural collection mositure shine lipstick in apple blossom. Maybelline mineral blusher in topaz rose and nivea tinted moisturiser.

On the left is the collection 2000 lipstick. I'm soo impressed with this... it only cost £1.95. The consistency is much better than i expected, its really quite creamy and the colour is a lovely pinky nude.

On the right is revlon nude attitude. I'd say it was a pretty peachy kind of nude. It's completely different to the like's of gosh - darling. I've swatched them next to each other below so you can tell the difference. I like it... but i think i'll be reaching for my gosh before i reach for this.

At the bottom is the maybelline blusher. It's such a gorgeous pink colour. I already have the moonlight mauve one and i'm really impressed with these blushes. They go on smoothly, they are really pigmented and a little goes a long way. The little pots are gonna last me ages.

And finally, the nivea tinted moisturiser. I have just applied it on my face and i'm really impressed. i didn't expect the coverage to be that great being a tinted moisturiser but i was pleasntly surprised. I got the 'natural' shade, i don't know if there are other options but that was the only one on the shelf. Even though the colour choice is limited it still suited my skin really well.

The picture doesn't show the coloures that well... but on the left is revlon - nude attitude and on the left is gosh darling!

Laura xXx


  1. oo Im definatly going into accessorize tomorrow! I have the natural collection lipstick too! I love it, such a nice shade xx

  2. i have got that bracelet :) it's lovely isn't it. xx

  3. p.s. i'm ur newest follower! great blog :) x

  4. @make up me - i was soo impressed with the natural collection lipstick. I wasn't expecting much.. such a bargain!! :)

    @victoria - yeah i absolutely love my new bracelet! Yay.. i love getting new followers!!

  5. Ooh I love that bracelet! Looks lovely ^_^


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