Saturday, 6 June 2009

Magazine Freebies!!

So yesterday I ended up with two magazines with freebies that come with them :) First of all my mum came home with 'Marie Claire' which had a free copy of 'If you could see me now' by Cecilia Ahern. I'm excited to read this because i absoutely loved 'ps, I love you'. I feel like i haven't been able to enjoy reading for pleasure for so long because with it being my final year at uni i haven't been able to justify picking up a novel over a text book!! :( Anyway now i'm finished i'm looking forward to getting into it again!

And the other magazine i got was Glamour who are giving a free benefit 'bad gal lash' away with this months magazine. This was something i HAD to get, because last year probably at the same time they were giving away a free benefit lipgloss and i managed to be too slow on the uptake and i couldn't find the magazine... ANYWHERE!! So I was detetmined not to let it happen again and successfully picked one up last night :)

So this is what the wand looks like, it's pretty big but has a small point at the end so it works well for getting the small lashes in the corner of the eyes.

This is my eyelashes without any mascara on.

This is two coats of the mascara.

This is my eyelashes with the mascara on and after curling them.

So i've only applied the mascara once so at this stage i can't really comment. First impressions are good though and i'm impressed with how much it curls your lashes. As you can see from the photo's there is hardly a difference between them from before and after they had been curled. This is rare for me since my eye lashes are pretty straight. So... yay for magazine freebies!! :)

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