Monday, 29 June 2009

Mini Haul

...I really have no self control!

The main reason i went to boots was to buy a hair dye! I used to have blonde sections in the bottom layers of my hair and they are showing through again and i hate it! Originally i bought a reddy brown colour but i decided it was a bad idea because i want it to fade out naturally as i want to try and get back to my natural colour. So instead i went with a really plain dark brown thats close to my natural colour...

And of course while i was there i had to pick up a few extra bits to make the 'most' of the double points!!

I got two barry m glossy tubes in number 4 (left) which is a gorgeous nudey colour and number (2) which is a irridescent light pink colour. These are the first barry m glosses i have purchased and i LOVE them. The colours, the consistency, the pigmentation! I think they are great! :) Has anyone tried any of the other colours??

I also got the loreal super liner in carbon gloss. At the minute i use maybelline liner express, which is fine but i'm still experimenting with liquid liners because i only started using them about 4 months ago! (I never though i would be capable of applying it in a straight line) The main reason i got this is for the applicator, which is the same as the maybelline one. Its like the spongey tip... i really can't get on with the ones with the really fine brushes... how anyone achieves a straight line with that i will never know!

And finally i went mad on nail polish! Barry M nail paints are two for £5 at the minute, so i thought i would add to my collection. And revlon nail polishes had £2 off... so i couldn't resist picking up tropical temptation and spotted the cute pink colour aswell! Nail polish is definately my biggest weakness!!

From left to right - barry m 294 cyan blue, barry m 279 bright pink, revlon 093 tropical tempation, 090 posh pink.

Oh by the way... can anyone recommend me a really good base coat/top coat... my nail polish never seems to last no matter which brand i use and it really frustrates me!

Hope you all had a great monday!

Laura xXx


  1. The 2 Revlon nail polishes look gorge.

  2. They are both stunning... tropical temptation is definately my favourite! xXx

  3. I got Cyan Blue at the weekend - I love nail polish too!! I am using Sally Hansen Miracle Cure nail treatment at the moment both as a base and top coat and it is really good!!

  4. I use that hair dye too :) Do you have trouble with fading...see my recent post to find out what I mean, it sucks :( Love the nail polishes, I'm a sucker for Barry M and Revlon polishes too :) xxx

  5. @Laura - yeah i find my colour fades really quickly, especially where my blonde was. Thats why this is the last time i'm gonna bother dying it because i can't really be bothered with the up keep!

    Just read your post about ur nail polishes.. revlon look like the do some amazing colours, think i will be purchasing some more of those! :)



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