Monday, 31 August 2009

August Favourites

This is my first monthly favourite's post but i will try and make it a regular thing! :)

Burt Bee’s Cuticle Cream:

I love this mainly for the smell. It smells of fresh lemons which is one of my favourite scents. It’s really clean and fresh. This is really moisturising and has sorted out my ragged cuticles no problem!

Ciate paint pot – knickerbockerglory:
See my previous post for a full review on these. This is the most amazing hot pink colour. The consistency and application is great and they last really well. You can’t go wrong!

L’oreal paris super liner carbon gloss:
I love the applicator on this; it makes application for me really easy. It’s an opaque glossy black and it won’t budge all day! Happy days.

Natural Collection Mositure Shine Lipstick – Apple Blossom:

I wasn’t expecting much from these lipsticks being under £2, but I’m impressed! This is a gorgeous muted baby pink colour that is really wearbable and the consistency is really creamy and non-drying.

Maybelline pure mineral blush – topaz rose:

These blushers are really pigmented and a tiny bit goes a long way. You get loads of product so they will last me ages. This is a really pretty bright pink colour that gives a natural glow.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Over Night Treatment:

This product is great for dry and damaged hair like mine. I like the idea of it going on to dry hair and being left over night because I feel like it has the chance to work. And for me.. it definitely does. It makes my hair feel really soft and manageable after I have washed it. It makes your hair feel yucky when you first put it on but it’s well worth it for the results!

Batsite Dry Shampoo:

Now that I’m working I can’t always be bothered with the hassle of washing my hair every other day. My hair gets pretty greasy but this product is a life saver. It not only soaks up the grease (yuck) but it also brings life back to your hair and gives it volume. I have to be careful with this because I have dark hair and it can look like I’ve tipped a bottle of talcum powder over my head. I usually spray it in to my hair at night before bed and massage it in and by the morning.. all the white powder has soaked in!
Hope you had a great August, can’t believe it’s September tomorrow... time it going was too fast!!

Laura xXx

Ciate Paint Pots

I’ve wanted to try this brand of nail polish for ageeess so I was so happy when I was sent some to try! I was sent four of the ciate paint pots to try... isn’t the packaging just adorable!?

I was really impressed with these nail polishes, they are really easy to work with and have great coverage. You get the colour in the bottle with two coats and they are really long lasting. They have a long and pretty flat brush which I found made application really easy. They retail for £9 for 13.5ml and I think they are well worth the money.


This is pretty much as hot pink as hot pink gets. I was super excited when I saw this colour and it didn’t disappoint when I got it on my nails. It’s a deep, rich, almost red hot pink and I absolutely love it. I have lots of hot pinks in my collection but this is totally unique to any of them. I couldn’t stop looking at this colour when it was on my nails.

Plastic Fantastic:

This colour is a purpely pink berry colour which looks gorgeous on the nails and I think it would suit any skin tone. It’s not too bright so I think it would be perfect to take you into the autumn/winter months.


This is a pastel, powder blue. I’m not usually a huge fan of blue’s on my nails but I like this because it’s so light it still looks really feminine and pretty. I was really impressed with the consistency of this one because I find sometimes light colours don’t provide opaque coverage but this was totally opaque in two coats.. brilliant!!

Shaken not stirred:

When I saw this colour in the bottle I thought it would be my least favourite. But it was a different story once I got it on my nails. It’s a purple with pink tones and blue running though it and it looks just gorgeous when the light hits it. It doesn’t look much in the bottle but it really comes to life once it’s on the nails. It’s totally unique to anything else I have in my collection and it’s gorgeous!

I will definitely be purchasing some more of the ciate paint pot range, I have my eye on a few colours already, I love that all the colours are really unique. Cookies and cream looks like a great colour and I need to have it just because of the name. Cookies and cream is my favourite ice cream flavour... yum!

Laura xXx

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

TAG: Products i'm using right now

Couldn't resist doing this since it's so popular at the minute...
Shampoo & Conditioner: Tresemme Mositure rich

Shower Gel: Some random lavender avon stuff

Styling products: Tresemme 24 hour body mousse and root booster

Body moisturiser: Either palmers cocoa butter or body shop coconut body butter

Deodorant: Mitchum Smart solid

Fake Tan: Dove summer glow

Skincare: A mixture of nivea, Neutrogena and burts bees at the moment

Primer: Don’t use one

Foundation: Revlon colourstay or nivea tinted mosituriser
Foundation brush: Crown brush duo fibre

Concealer: Maybelline mineral concealer

Powder: boots 17 pressed powder

Blusher: Changes daily but I’m loving Maybelline mineral blush in rose topaz at the minute

Bronzer: Fake bake beyond bronzer

Highlighter: Prestige skin loving minerals – pure shimmer

Eyeshadow base: Benefit lemon aid

Eyeshadows: Usually some sort of combination from my sleek palettes

Eyeliner: L’oreal super liner – carbon gloss

Curler: I don’t know who it’s by but it’s from boots

Mascara: Maybelline – lash stiletto

Lipstick: Loving gosh darling and Revlon nude attitude for nude lips at the moment

Lipgloss: Usually barry m glossy tubes or benefit her glossiness

Nail Colour: At the moment, ciate – knickerbocker glory
Laura xXx

Monday, 24 August 2009

Some Random Thoughts...

I was sat having coffee with my boyfriend this weekend and we got chatting about make-up/blogging etc. And we starting discussing how some of my friends aren’t all that into make up and some don’t wear a scratch. I was telling him that this sometimes make me feel like I’m judged for wearing make-up and maybe people sometimes think I wear too much in comparison to my friends?

Make up is a choice, not everyone chooses to wear it and I don’t have a problem with that. But it has always been a big part of my life and I started experimenting with it when I was in high school. I wear it because I enjoy the application but also because I just think it makes me look a better and I have a lot more confidence when I wear it.

I was thinking this morning that I don’t know what I would do without make-up, I literally don’t feel like me without make-up on.. Is that bad? When I look in the mirror in the morning, I don’t like what I see until I have applied my make-up. I also feel that applying make-up is showing that you are making an effort and that you care about your appearance.

Makeup is such a part of my life for so long that when I come across someone who doesn’t wear any I guess I judge them in a way. And they probably judge me back wondering why I feel the need to wear makeup every single day.

My boyfriend assured me that he doesn’t think I wear too much make-up and that I probably think I’m being judged for wearing it when I’m not. He just agreed that it’s a choice and if it’s something that I enjoy and it makes me feel good about myself I should continue to have an interest in it.

I’m sorry so the rambly post but I just wanted to get your opinions on it. Do you ever feel like you’re being judged for wearing makeup? Do you have friends who choose not to wear any? How does this make you feel? What are your reasons for wearing makeup?
Laura xXx

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Contest Winner!!

So firsty I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered! And also a big hello to all my new subscribers.. i am now one subscriber away from 200 and i'm soo happy! Never imagined i'd get anywhere near that amount so thank you to everyone!

Now on to the important stuff..

I printed out everyone's names and put them into a tupperwear box...

And the winner is...

Emma @ girl with the arab strap! Well done! Please email me your address to and i will post it out to you asap.

I hated only picking one winner, next time i'm definately going to have more winners!

Hope everyones had a great weekend

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ins and Outs 3


Project ten pan – I’m still enjoying not spending stupid amounts of money on make-up I don’t need! And I love to see the end of products that I won’t be re-purchasing.

The body shop event – I wasn’tlucky enough to be invited but I’ve been loving reading everyone’s posts about it today, looks amazing and I can’t wait to try some of their new make-up out!

The golf season coming to an end – one month and I will finally have my boyfriend back for the winter!! :D

The autumn – it’s on its way and it’s one of my favourite seasons. I love autumn winter fashion and I can’t wait to wear dark vampy colours on my nails again.

Money – I haven’t had the enjoyment of a wage for three years and I’m LOVING it! Not that I have the time to spend it...

My mac wishlist – I’m not kidding you it’s HUGE! Cannot wait start purchasing!!

Considering getting my hair cut – the state of my hair is really starting to depress me. In true lollipop26 style I’m considering getting it chopped. But it won’t be anything TOO drastic because I’m just not brave enough!!


Project ten pan – ok it’s great and all that, but why do some products take soo bloody long to finish!! :@

Summer coming to an end – although I love autumn I find the depths of winter rather depressing, it’s not cool when it starts getting dark at 4.00pm.

Being emotional – for some reason I’ve been ridiculously emotional for the past month and I don’t know what’s brought it on. The slightest mishap has been making me cry lately :S

Not getting a holiday this year – a couple of my friends have just got back from being on holiday all brown and stuff. Plus this time last year I was off for two weeks in Crete. Hopefully next year...

Uni – I got sent my alumini letter this morning which for me was the ultimate reality check I needed. I’m still finding it hard to ajust to my new way of life. At this time of year I would normally be getting ready to head back to uni, but instead I’ve got a life of full time work ahead of me... eugh!

Ps, contest ends tonight, I’m not sure I will have to time to do a post on the winner tomorrow but I promise you it will be up by Monday night!

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend! :) Laura xXx

Friday, 21 August 2009

Very First Blog Award :)

I was nominated for my first blog award from the lovely rachel at I love that, I totally appreciated being given this award so thank you very much Rachel! :) If you haven't already, go check her out!
So I have to nominate 12 lovely bloggers, which was hard to do because there are so many i love, but here goes.. (they are in no particular order)

Laura xXx


I get really bored of wearing neutral colours all throughout the week so today i went for purple on my eyes...


  • benefit lemon aid as a base

  • the lilac colour from the pastel beauty uk palette

  • the white as a highlight from the same palette

  • the purple from the sleek original palette in the crease and under lower lash line

  • loreal carbon black liquid liner

  • maybelline lash stiletto mascara

  • Revlon colour stay foundation in natural beige

  • rimmel stay matte powder

  • fake bake beyond bronze bronzer

  • maybelline mineral blush in rise topaz

  • prestige skin loving minerals in pure shimmer as highlight

  • Barry M 101

  • Benefit my people your people lipgloss

  • Oversized vest from topshop

  • long black cardigan from new look

  • black leggings
Hope you're all having a great friday
Much love, Laura xXx

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Project Ten pan Update No.1

So p10p seems to have started quite slowly. It’s been three weeks but to be honest it feels like a life time!! So far I’ve finished three products.

Maybelline lash stiletto – LOVE this mascara. I’ll be honest, when I first started using this it wasn’t living up to the hype for me but after using it for a week or so I really started to like it. It just gives me such great length and separation. Luckily I had a back up waiting so no panic!! I’m not one to stick to the same mascara all the time though so no doubt when my back up is gone I will try and different one.

Prestige automatic eyeliner in sepia – I used to use this eyeliner every single day before I discovered liquid eyeliner. It used to do the job and I repurchased it for years. But after using liquid liner I will never go back. It drags along your lid so it’s hard to get a smooth straight finish. They are also a nightmare to keep sharp because you can’t sharpen them so you just can’t achieve a thin line. They are fine for the lower lash line but that’s all I would use it for. Unfortunately I still have one left in my collection but I will just continue to use this on my lower lash line.

Natural Collection tinted moisturiser – I love the natural collection for affordable make up but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one. I mean its ok, but I have since started using the nivea tinted moisturiser which I like much better. It provides an ok amount of coverage but it doesn’t last on my skin and doesn’t apply as smoothly as I would like.

So far I’m actually quite enjoying it. I like that I’m not going out wasting money on loads of makeup I don’t need. And it’s nice to see my make up collection clearing out of things I’ve had for ages or was never really that fond of in the first place! I’ve also discovered a few products I had totally forgot about which is always good.

The only bad thing so far is that I’ve got myself into a rut of using the same products day after day as a way of trying to finish products faster. So my makeup is seriously lacking variation at the moment!!

There are a few more products in my collection that I can see are coming to the end of their life so will update when I have finished a few more.
Laura xXx

NOTD: French Manciure

I haven't done a french mancure in years because i usually prefer a bold colour on my nails and i just don't think i'm that good at it! I thought i would give it a go today and i'm quite pleased with the results :) Although my right hand is always a bit of a nightmare because i just can't keep a stready hand!!

Products used:

  • OPI nail envy as a base

  • Avon french manicure white

  • Sally Hansen sheerly opal

  • Seche Vite top coat
What are sporting on your nails this weekend?
Hope you're having a great saturday! Laura xXx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recent Purchases..

Sorry i've not been blogging too much lately but i've just been feeling a bit uninspired really.

Anyway, these are just some of my recent purchases. I haven't been buying much because i'm trying to chill out the spending. And of course none of this is make up because of project 10 pan!

This necklace was from accessorise, its sterling silver so for £12 I don't think that's too bad! It's so dainty and cute. I love small, dainty necklaces, i just think they look really feminine!

I got these earrings in the accessorise sale for £3.50 so i couldn't really say no :)

Clinique brush cleanser - I'm REALLY bad when it comes to cleaning my brushes so hopefully this will encourage me to do it a bit more! This works a treat and my brushes feel great after i've cleansed them.

Finally, i got this purse from river island for £15. I just couldn't resist it... love the quilting and it's got the most gorgeous leopard print design inside!

Hope you are all well!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Favourite Three Nail Polishes

This is my entry for the nail buff's contest. If you havent already go check it out.. its a fab blog! :)

From left to right...

OPI - shootout at the ok coral - this is the first coral nail polish i bought when i began my 'obsession' and it continues to be my favourite. It's so vibrant and with the pinky/purple duochrome it just makes it that bit different to all the other corals out there.

OPI - done out on deco - it's just a simple cream lavender but i love it! It's not the type of colour i usually go for and when i first heard about it, i thought it wasn't for me. But since buying it i've fallen in love with it.

OPI - that's hot pink - hot pink nails have always and will always be my favorite nail colour. And hot pink nails don't get much better than this colour. It's a rich and vibrant shade of pink and i can't stop looking at whenever i wear it!
Laura xXx

Saturday, 8 August 2009

100 followers CONTEST!!

Yesterday I hit 100 followers!! J So it’s time for my very first giveaway because I want to give something back to my lovely followers!

Up for grabs...
  • Limited edition curious sleek palette
  • Collection 2000 hot looks nail polish is hula hoop and dynasty
  • Barry m nail paint in cyan blue
  • A full sized burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream
  • A mini size boots Mediterranean almond pistachio and milk body butter
  • A collection 2000 mositure shine lipstick in apple blossom (nudey pink colour)

    The rules..

  • You must be a follower of my blog
  • You need to post a comment on this post saying ‘enter me’... or something along those lines!
  • For two entries – mention this contest in one of your blog posts or on twitter and post me the link in a comment.
The contest will run for two weeks so will end on Saturday 22nd August at 12 midnight GMT.
I will draw a name out of the hat soon after that and will post the winner on here!
So that’s it, dead simple
Thank you and good luck