Monday, 24 August 2009

Some Random Thoughts...

I was sat having coffee with my boyfriend this weekend and we got chatting about make-up/blogging etc. And we starting discussing how some of my friends aren’t all that into make up and some don’t wear a scratch. I was telling him that this sometimes make me feel like I’m judged for wearing make-up and maybe people sometimes think I wear too much in comparison to my friends?

Make up is a choice, not everyone chooses to wear it and I don’t have a problem with that. But it has always been a big part of my life and I started experimenting with it when I was in high school. I wear it because I enjoy the application but also because I just think it makes me look a better and I have a lot more confidence when I wear it.

I was thinking this morning that I don’t know what I would do without make-up, I literally don’t feel like me without make-up on.. Is that bad? When I look in the mirror in the morning, I don’t like what I see until I have applied my make-up. I also feel that applying make-up is showing that you are making an effort and that you care about your appearance.

Makeup is such a part of my life for so long that when I come across someone who doesn’t wear any I guess I judge them in a way. And they probably judge me back wondering why I feel the need to wear makeup every single day.

My boyfriend assured me that he doesn’t think I wear too much make-up and that I probably think I’m being judged for wearing it when I’m not. He just agreed that it’s a choice and if it’s something that I enjoy and it makes me feel good about myself I should continue to have an interest in it.

I’m sorry so the rambly post but I just wanted to get your opinions on it. Do you ever feel like you’re being judged for wearing makeup? Do you have friends who choose not to wear any? How does this make you feel? What are your reasons for wearing makeup?
Laura xXx


  1. I like wearing makeup because, like you, I feel I look better with it, and I feel more confident. I also think that it shows that you take care of your appearance. I have a lot of friends who wear little or no makeup, but we don't really talk much about why we do or don't wear it. I don't judge anyone who doesn't wear it, rather I applaud them for their confidence!
    I like putting on makeup, it's a big part of my morning ritual and I don't really feel awake and ready to go out without it. That said, I don't wear makeup on day's I'm just staying in and I can run to the shops without it, but I prefer not to.
    Wow, that was probably the longest comment I've ever written! Good post, btw, I think that it's an interesting subject :)
    OH! Congratulations on hitting 200 followers! That's amazing :)

  2. I feel 'unlike me' without make-up on as well I totally agree with you. I wear make-up every day even when I am going from my bedroom at Uni to downstairs - I put some make up on. I prefer how I look and how I feel with it on. I hate when I wake up late for a lecture and I apply my make up in a rush and it doesn't look 'right' - it's only ever noticable to me but I feel like I look..wrong? I tend to do my day make-up in the same way most days though unlike a lot of people here who experiment - I only do that at night :)

    I have grown up with friends who wear make up and who also touch it up regularly and apply it, say, at a restaurant table or when walking down the high street etc etc - I find that some people do see it as me being incredible vain however I feel that if you have bothered to put on a face of make-up why would you not check it occasionally and touch it up and keep it looking nice? I also brush my hair constantly but this is because I dislike having windswept,messy hair when I have intentionally straightened/curled it to look the way I want it to look.

    My best friend and I both wear a lot of make-up so perhaps I do have a warped view of how much is normal and I realise that some people will look at us and see two blonde orange girls with too much bronzer and mascara on but I admit that I judge people who wear no make up, in the same way you do, as just not making an effort. It's wrong, really, to do either.

    I can't understand why someone would go through life never using make up and i'm sure others can't comprehend how I can be so vain and shallow as to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on it.

    It's difficult but as long as you are happy and your boyfriend loves you with or without make-up then everyone else is entitled to think what they like and you can carry on looking fabulous xx

    (oh my this is long... realy god thought provoking update !x)

  3. I can safely say that I don't ever feel like I'm being judged, although my one friend does laugh at the amount of time I spend doing makeup...or over the fact that I have to put any on before I leave the house. But then again, she doesnt wear anything so I dont really expect her to understand. Nor does she understand the fact that I physically cant leave any store without checking out the makeup aisles! lol I wear makeup because I love it! It's fun and girly & it makes me feel good about myself :)

  4. Interesting post! I also find that most of my friends don't wear makeeup or only very minimal makeup on a daily basis. Sometimes i do feel a bit "overdone" compared to them but hey thats just my style and i know my friends will accept me for who i am. :)

  5. Yes. I know the feeling sis :) Sometimes, I just don't mind them. Especially in my workplace, where my girl co-workers are the simple type (I'm a teacher by the way), I just know by how they look at me that there's something going on in their mind like, "How did she become a teacher? She's so vain." I mean, what's wrong with that? I'm happy, I love my job, I love what I'm doing, and I don't hurt anybody. As long as we're all happy, It's okay. Just don't mind those people. Make-up is part of our life and this what makes us happy! There's nothing wrong with being confident and beautiful sister :)

    God Bless You and Stay beautiful! :)

  6. I don't feel like I'm being judged, but I know what you mean. I have friends who don't wear much and probably can't understand why I spend so much on beauty products etc.

    But we all have our things that we like, and we're allowed to like make up! :)

  7. I like make up and everything about it, most days however I am like your friends - I don't wear any because I feel healthy lol. Also I have decided in the last few months that what I prefer is fashion, clothes and shoes so I am saving up for those things! And I decided I will just buy the basics and a few different eyeshadows and wear it occasionaly or at college!
    Sometimes I feel I'm wearing too much when compared to other people I see I'm not. Dunno why but what I really doo want is sleek storm palette!!

  8. Hmm although i like make up. Im not a total fanatic. I'm the type that could walk out of the house without make up.I guess you could say im skin happy some days. But for the days i feel like doing something different or make my myself feel a little more happy/special i wear makeup. I nly really got into make up last year (17 years old)
    Sometime when i see people who wear make up very well I admire them. How they are able to have the skills to do it..I wish I could pull of that sort of look etc. I wouldn't look at them in a way like 'GOSH she's vain etc or something along that lines' or judge them in anyway. Because its their choice after all. Everyone has diff opinions..some like some dont. If they like to a certain type of clothing/makeup/style it shouldnt be judged as everyone has a diff style and what they like. Just because they dont like it..doesnt mean that the person should turn their nose up at it n not be open to it. If everyone like or did the same thing..i think that would be the most boring thing..


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