Monday, 31 August 2009

August Favourites

This is my first monthly favourite's post but i will try and make it a regular thing! :)

Burt Bee’s Cuticle Cream:

I love this mainly for the smell. It smells of fresh lemons which is one of my favourite scents. It’s really clean and fresh. This is really moisturising and has sorted out my ragged cuticles no problem!

Ciate paint pot – knickerbockerglory:
See my previous post for a full review on these. This is the most amazing hot pink colour. The consistency and application is great and they last really well. You can’t go wrong!

L’oreal paris super liner carbon gloss:
I love the applicator on this; it makes application for me really easy. It’s an opaque glossy black and it won’t budge all day! Happy days.

Natural Collection Mositure Shine Lipstick – Apple Blossom:

I wasn’t expecting much from these lipsticks being under £2, but I’m impressed! This is a gorgeous muted baby pink colour that is really wearbable and the consistency is really creamy and non-drying.

Maybelline pure mineral blush – topaz rose:

These blushers are really pigmented and a tiny bit goes a long way. You get loads of product so they will last me ages. This is a really pretty bright pink colour that gives a natural glow.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Over Night Treatment:

This product is great for dry and damaged hair like mine. I like the idea of it going on to dry hair and being left over night because I feel like it has the chance to work. And for me.. it definitely does. It makes my hair feel really soft and manageable after I have washed it. It makes your hair feel yucky when you first put it on but it’s well worth it for the results!

Batsite Dry Shampoo:

Now that I’m working I can’t always be bothered with the hassle of washing my hair every other day. My hair gets pretty greasy but this product is a life saver. It not only soaks up the grease (yuck) but it also brings life back to your hair and gives it volume. I have to be careful with this because I have dark hair and it can look like I’ve tipped a bottle of talcum powder over my head. I usually spray it in to my hair at night before bed and massage it in and by the morning.. all the white powder has soaked in!
Hope you had a great August, can’t believe it’s September tomorrow... time it going was too fast!!

Laura xXx


  1. ahhh i might try that lippie it looks lovely!!

  2. Ooh, the natural collection lipstick looks worth checking out! X

  3. love love love burts bees cuticle cream :)

  4. Hi :p At what store did you buy the lipstick ? Because I'm going to UK soon and I would like to buy one ^^

  5. @ carine - the natural collection brand is avaliable at boots. Which is a drugstore you will probably see everywhere!! :) xXx

  6. I love batiste it is amaziinngg xx

  7. The nail polish looks really cute - I wish Australia stores had more Lee Stafford products! I can only find the dry shampoo :( Great post! Might do this one later! xx

  8. I don't like Batiste, it makes me feel itchy :( I really want to try that eyeliner too!

    Just letting you know that I've tagged you my lovely x


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