Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ins and Outs 3


Project ten pan – I’m still enjoying not spending stupid amounts of money on make-up I don’t need! And I love to see the end of products that I won’t be re-purchasing.

The body shop event – I wasn’tlucky enough to be invited but I’ve been loving reading everyone’s posts about it today, looks amazing and I can’t wait to try some of their new make-up out!

The golf season coming to an end – one month and I will finally have my boyfriend back for the winter!! :D

The autumn – it’s on its way and it’s one of my favourite seasons. I love autumn winter fashion and I can’t wait to wear dark vampy colours on my nails again.

Money – I haven’t had the enjoyment of a wage for three years and I’m LOVING it! Not that I have the time to spend it...

My mac wishlist – I’m not kidding you it’s HUGE! Cannot wait start purchasing!!

Considering getting my hair cut – the state of my hair is really starting to depress me. In true lollipop26 style I’m considering getting it chopped. But it won’t be anything TOO drastic because I’m just not brave enough!!


Project ten pan – ok it’s great and all that, but why do some products take soo bloody long to finish!! :@

Summer coming to an end – although I love autumn I find the depths of winter rather depressing, it’s not cool when it starts getting dark at 4.00pm.

Being emotional – for some reason I’ve been ridiculously emotional for the past month and I don’t know what’s brought it on. The slightest mishap has been making me cry lately :S

Not getting a holiday this year – a couple of my friends have just got back from being on holiday all brown and stuff. Plus this time last year I was off for two weeks in Crete. Hopefully next year...

Uni – I got sent my alumini letter this morning which for me was the ultimate reality check I needed. I’m still finding it hard to ajust to my new way of life. At this time of year I would normally be getting ready to head back to uni, but instead I’ve got a life of full time work ahead of me... eugh!

Ps, contest ends tonight, I’m not sure I will have to time to do a post on the winner tomorrow but I promise you it will be up by Monday night!

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend! :) Laura xXx


  1. It's been a tough transition for me, too, at times after all my years spent as a student. Having some money for once is a nice plus, though, and keeps my MAC wishlist from growing to absurd lengths. Hope you're getting to enjoy the last bit of summer! (I'm very excited for autumn myself!) :)

  2. @faith120604 - yeah it's definately a difficult tranisition but one i'm sure i will get used to! I have to admit i am loving having money coming in on a regular basis.. something which seems like a complete luxury! :) xXx


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