Saturday, 15 August 2009

Project Ten pan Update No.1

So p10p seems to have started quite slowly. It’s been three weeks but to be honest it feels like a life time!! So far I’ve finished three products.

Maybelline lash stiletto – LOVE this mascara. I’ll be honest, when I first started using this it wasn’t living up to the hype for me but after using it for a week or so I really started to like it. It just gives me such great length and separation. Luckily I had a back up waiting so no panic!! I’m not one to stick to the same mascara all the time though so no doubt when my back up is gone I will try and different one.

Prestige automatic eyeliner in sepia – I used to use this eyeliner every single day before I discovered liquid eyeliner. It used to do the job and I repurchased it for years. But after using liquid liner I will never go back. It drags along your lid so it’s hard to get a smooth straight finish. They are also a nightmare to keep sharp because you can’t sharpen them so you just can’t achieve a thin line. They are fine for the lower lash line but that’s all I would use it for. Unfortunately I still have one left in my collection but I will just continue to use this on my lower lash line.

Natural Collection tinted moisturiser – I love the natural collection for affordable make up but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one. I mean its ok, but I have since started using the nivea tinted moisturiser which I like much better. It provides an ok amount of coverage but it doesn’t last on my skin and doesn’t apply as smoothly as I would like.

So far I’m actually quite enjoying it. I like that I’m not going out wasting money on loads of makeup I don’t need. And it’s nice to see my make up collection clearing out of things I’ve had for ages or was never really that fond of in the first place! I’ve also discovered a few products I had totally forgot about which is always good.

The only bad thing so far is that I’ve got myself into a rut of using the same products day after day as a way of trying to finish products faster. So my makeup is seriously lacking variation at the moment!!

There are a few more products in my collection that I can see are coming to the end of their life so will update when I have finished a few more.
Laura xXx


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