Friday, 31 July 2009

Thank You!!

So today i woke up to 85 followers and i am super excited!! I remember when i got my very first follower and it was such a big deal! I never imagined i'd get anywhere near 80!
So i just wanted to say thank you to all my lovely subscribers to reading my rambles!

If i ever make the 100 subscriber mark i'm gonna have a give away/competition, so keep your eyes peeled for that!! :)
Hope you are all well!
Laura xXx

Monday, 27 July 2009

REVIEW: tresemme 24 hour body

Tresemme very kindly send me their 24 hour body hair range. These products are perfect for me because my hair is naturally as flat as a pancake so I’m all about creating volume!

I currently use john freida luxurious volume, click here for review.

From left to right – Amplifing mouse, finishing spray, root boosting spray

I put the amplifying mouse into my hair after towel drying my hair and then just before I blow dried it, I applied the root boosting spray. I then blow dried as a I normally do with a big brush, lifting up my roots as I go.

This was the result...
(Excuse the no makeup, I hadn’t got round to putting it on and was too eager to take photos of my big hair!)

So I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves. I achieved some SERIOUS volume! The products felt light on my hair. There were a few places that were a bit sticky where I had concentrated too much product but overall it didn’t feel weighed down by the product at all.
After I had tamed it slightly, I applied the finishing spray to keep it all in place. Now I’m not usually a hair spray person because I hate that horrible crunchy feeling you get. However, this felt really light, my hair still had movement but it helped my volume stay all night. Totally impressed.

So will I repurchasing these products? Definitely. I was really happy with the amount of volume they created and how light they felt on the hair. It lasted all night and even today I still have volume left.

If I could only repurchase one of the products? It would be the finishing spray. Just purely because I find it hard to find a light feeling hair spray and this has fulfilled it for me!

Have you tried any products from this range? What did you think?

Laura xXx

Having a bit of a clear out...

Since i'm doing project ten pan, it kind of inspired me to chuck out some of that old make up that i'm really never gonna use again!

Yeah i know it's not much but it's better than nothing right??

  • A number 17 teal eyeshadow. Seriously.. look at the state of it. Why on earth was i keeping that?!
  • A red loose eyeshadow bought from a market stall for one halloween while i was at uni. Never worn it since.. never will again!
  • An avon pink and brown eye shadow duo. I think i've probably had this since i started using make up. Time to throw it i think...
  • Benefit bad gal lash... i tried to like, i really did. But in reality i hate it!
  • The deadly maybelline liquid eyeliner than was making me eyes sore and puffy!
  • A white body shop eyeliner than has no pigmentation what so ever. Maybe due to the fact that it's as old as i am!?
  • Two maybelline line define felt lip eyeliners. Great when you first start using them.. then the tip dries out after about two weeks!

I think i should clear out my make up collection more often!!

Laura xXx

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Project Ten Pan...

I’ve decided to take part in project ten pan! I realise I’m about four months too late but ahh well!

The main reasons I’m doing this?
  • Because I need to STOP spending so much money on make up. I hope this will help me love all the products I already own and help me realise I don’t need to splurge on new items all the time.
  • Because I want to make my first MAC purchase but at the minute I just can’t justify it. When I have finished this hopefully I will have a gap in my make up collection along with the space and money to facilitate it.
  • Because I’ve just started earning after three years at uni. For some reason I’m more protective over money I’ve worked hard for than money that’s lent to me by the government, eg, student loan. I don’t particularly want to throw my hard earning cash down the drain on makeup I really do not need.
  • Because I need to save a bit of money and obviously not being able to buy any new makeup will help this in a big way!

So I won’t be able to purchase any new make up until I have used up 10 of my makeup products. SO you won’t be seeing any makeup hauls from me for a while :( I’ll be sure to update you with how I’m getting on though :)

I have no idea how long this will take me (ages probably) but I’m really going to try me hardest with this. I don’t want to have any slip ups. WISH ME LUCK!!

Have you tried to take park in project 10 pan?

Laura xXx

Boots Haul

I popped into boots this morning to get some eye make up remover and came out with this lot!
I’ve been having real problems with my eye lids getting really sore and puffy lately. I think it might be the liquid eyeliner I am currently using, so that’s going in the bin! My make up remover has started stinging my eyes aswell so I bought something more gentle. I got nivea ‘extra gentle eye make-up remover’ and simple ‘kind to eyes’ eye make up remover pads. I haven’t had chance to use them yet but hopefully they will more gentle on my eyes.

Barry M nail paints were on offer so I got Raspberry 273 (right) and grey 293 (left). Raspberry is the most gorgeous rich, deep berry red colour and will be perfect for autumn/winter.

I’ve heard so much about the new barry M glosses so thought I would try them out for myself. I got number 4, baby pink and number 2, toffee. I’ve heard some good and some bad things about these but I have to say I love them! the baby pink is much more pigmented than toffee, which can be scary but applied in the right way creates the most gorgeous baby pink lip. Less is definitely more with these!
Baby Pink

I picked up Revlon matte lipstick in pink pout. Its a gorgeous mid tone pink that I think is really wearable because it’s not too bright.
Finally, I got Maybelline khol express in black, which is a lovely creamy eye pencil. I got the barry m kohl pencil in white, number 30 and the shimmering eye and lip crayon in gold. It’s a really pretty light gold colour, perfect for highlighting.

Swatchy Goodness!!

(top to bottom) Barry M shimmering eye and lip pencil, Maybelline kohl express, revlon pink pout, barry m lipgloss toffee, barry m lipgloss baby pink.

Hope you are all having a great sunday!

Laura xXx

Saturday, 25 July 2009

My Nail Polish Collection

I have always been into nail polish from a very early age! My collection was quite big when i was younger but then i sort of got out of the habit of painting my nails through uni. But now i'm building my collection up again!

Here it is as it stands at the minute:

I just store them all in a plastic vanity box. Totally unorganised but it works for me :)

The pinks:

Top row (left to right)
  • OPI - thats hot pink
  • Barry M - 279 bright pink
  • China Glaze - strawberry fields
  • rimmel 60 seconds - funtime fuchsia
  • rimmel 60 seconds - rose libertine
Botton row
  • no 7 stay perfect - 25 twinkle
  • revlon - 090 posh pink
  • Sally hansen - sheerly opal
  • Loreal resist and shine - 102
  • OPI - got a date to-knight
The oranges/red:
  • china glaze - ruby pumps
  • nails inc - insytle coral
  • OPI - shootout at the ok coral
  • revlon - tropical temptation
The greens:
  • Barry M - mint green
  • China Glaze - watermelon rind

The blues:
  • Barry M - cyan blue 294
  • OPI - teal the cows come home
  • OPI - blue my mind
  • no 7 stay perfect - 110 betty blues

The purples:

  • OPI - ink
  • OPI - purple with a purpose
  • OPI - done out in deco
The Plums/Blacks:
  • OPI - black cherry chutney
  • -OPI - black onyx
  • -tesco nail polish (dont have the colour :( )

The Clears/whites:

top row

  • avon lasting lengths laquer
  • nails inc albert bridge top coat
  • OPI nail envy
  • seche vite top caot
  • seche vite base coat

Botton row

  • avon french manicre
  • sally hansen french manicure

Pinks seem to be the most popular in my collection and they definately are my favourite colours to paint my nails!

The only major gap i can see in my collection are nude polishes! I've never had one before so any recommendations would be very welcome!! :)

Hope you are all having a great saturday!

Laura xXx


Last night was my best friends 21st party!

This was my FOTN...

(excuse the untamed hair, i hadn't got round to that part yet!!)

I wanted to pick out the colours in my dress so I did a pink and grey smoky eye with pink lips!


-The baby pink from the beauty uk pastel palette

- The dark grey from the safari sleek paletee

-The white from the pastel beauty uk palette as a highlight

-maybelline liner express liquid liner

- maybelline lash stiletto mascara


- revlon colourstay foundation in natural beige

- maybelline mineral concealer

-rimmel stay matte powder

-fake bake bronzer

-maybelline mineral blusher in rose topaz

-prestige skin loving minerals in pure shimmer as a highlight


- A combination of barry m 101 and 146 with benefit 'her glossiness' lipgloss in your people, my people over the top.

Me and my boyfriend Dan

Me and the birthday girl (she’s a stunner isn’t she!?)

Me with my two besties!

Me with another one of my favourite girls!

We had a brilliant night! :) Hope you all had a great Friday night!

Laura xXx

Friday, 24 July 2009


Barry M Nail Paint - Bright Pink (279)

This is only the second time i have tried a Barry M Nail Paint. I have the barry M mint green but i think the consistency of the bright pink is much better. I heard these nail paints differ is consistincency right? The bright pink is really creamy and goes on streak free and opaque in two coats!

The colour is i bit brighter than its coming up in this picture, it's looks a bit pale but it really is quite bright! But i like it :D And it compliments my dress for tonight perfectly!

10/10 for me on this nail paint! REALLY impressed!!

Laura xXx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

TAG: All About Beauty

What's your favourite makeup look?
For the day time – neutral eyes with a pop of colour under the lower lash line.
For night time – smokey eyes and nude lips. Predictable I know, but this looks just never gets old.

What part of your body do you love?
Erm... my eyes!? I don’t really love any part of my body but I guess I think the colour of my eyes are quite unique so I’ll go with that!

Who is your beauty icon?
I have all of their photo’s at the side of my blog... I think every one of those ladies has natural beauty!

What beauty products instantly make you feel sexy?
Mascara and eyeliner because they bring your eyes to life and make them stand out! And I’d probably say bronzer as well because I hate looking pale and this instantly gives me a bronzy glow!

How do you look after your skin?
I used to be awful at looking after my skin. But now I make sure I always take my make up off at night and lather it with moisturiser at night and in the morning. I also try and exfoliate a couple of times a week. I think water has a big factor at keeping your skin looking healthy and I drink a hell of a lot of the stuff!!

What is your signature scent?
Probably CK – in to you.

What are your hair secrets?
My hair is in quite bad condition. I abuse it with heat but I just can’t stop because without products and heat my hair is just nothing. Plus I don’t get it cut nearly as often as I should! But I always use a heat protector when styling and deep condition it a couple of times a week.

How do you pamper yourself?
A long hot soak in the bath or giving myself a manicure and pedicure. What is your pet peeve?
When foundation looks really cakey.. i just think it looks nasty. Really badly chipped nail polish... I just want to go and buy them some nail polish remover! An obvious colour difference between someone’s face and neck. Lip liner than hangs around well after the lip stick has faded and is about five shades darker than the natural lip colour!!

What would be your desert island must haves?
Suncream, lipbalm, after sun and waterproof mascara

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
I just believe that beauty is about more than just what you look on the outside. I think it’s about being a beautiful person inside as well.
I also believe there are no rules... like you should only wear bright colours in the summer! Who cares!?... Wear whatever colours whenever you like!!

Laura xXx

Crown Brushes Haul

My crown brush order arrived on my door step yesterday! :)

This is what i got...

Face Brushes
(From left to right)
-c106 unique pointed dome (£6.95)
-ib124 italian badger kabouki (£8.99)
-bk5 dual length powder (£7.63)
c104 angle blush (£3.70)

Eye Brushes
(from left to right)
-ib116 round tapered crease (£2.89)
-1b119 duluxe crease (£2.99)
-ib113 taklon line (£2.23)
-bk15 oval fluff (£1.95)
-bk14 duluxe oval fluff (£2.39)

I've never owned a MAC brush so i can't make a comparison but on first impressed i think these brushes are great. I used them to apply my make up this morning and was really happy with the way my make up looked :) They are really inexpensive in comparison to what you can pay for brushes. I will definately consider buying some more!

I was really happy with the service of crown brush. I ordered on monday evening and i recieved my package on wednesday. The packaging was great, there was no way the brushes would have got damaged! They also have a great choice of brushes on their website!

So all in all, i'm very impressed :)

Have you tried any of the crown brush products?


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

REVIEW: Seche Vite Top Coat

I’ve been using the seche vite top coat for about three weeks now. And despite my good first impressions I’m not impressed...

Let me explain...

I bought this top coat to prevent my nail polish from chipping because my nail polish always chips soo quickly and it frustrates me. However, it just didn’t fulfil this purpose.

I painted my nails with OPI’s done out in deco on Monday evening at about 5pm, and this is what my nails looked like at about 4.30pm on Tuesday afternoon! That’s just under 24 hours!!

(There were more chips on my left hand but i just couldn't get a clear photo)

This isn’t the only time this has happened, I change my nail colour all the time (mainly because it chips quickly) and it’s never really lasted longer than 24 hours without chipping!

I have read some really good reviews about this product so I think my nails are just incapable of holding nail polish on for any length of time!! I know a lot of people swear by this product but I just wanted to give you all my honest opinion based on my experience.

In some ways it’s the best top coat I have ever used. It creates the most amazing shine which doesn’t fade after an hour! It also dries really quickly so it’s good for if you are in a rush when your painting your nails!
But unfortunately it doesn’t prevent my nails from chipping, therefore it I’m still on the search for my HG top coat!

If anyone has any tips on how to prevent chipping, where I might be going wrong or any recommendations for a good top and base coat they would be greatly appreciated!!

Laura xXx

Monday, 20 July 2009


Here is todays face of the day:


-The pinky/gold out of the sleek original palette (i wish the eyeshadows had names, would make it soo much easier)

-The plummy shade out of the sleek jewels palette

-maybelline liner express
-maybelline lash stiletto mascara
-Revlon colourstay - ivory
-Rimmel stay matte powder
-fake bake bronzer as a contour
- maybelline moonlight mauve blusher
-prestige skin loving minerals in pure shimmer as a highlight
-burts bees lip balm
- barry m 101
- benefit her glossiness in my people, your people (forgot how much i love this gloss)

Also, this is me with my pretty much natural colouring! I pretty much hate it because i'm soo pale. I've been a fake tanner since i was 16 but lately i've got more slack with it.. mainly because its an effort and i can't be bothered with the up keep anymore! I've more into using dove summer glow lately (review coming soon) to give me a natural glow rather than a full on fake tan!

How was everyones monday?? I have to say i'm pretty glad mine is over, i'm knackered today!!


Sunday, 19 July 2009


I've finally joined twitter! Feel free to follow me HERE if you like! :)
Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Saturday, 18 July 2009


I haven't done one of these for ages... so here's todays face...

I went with a really neutral eye, i literally just washed my lid with a skin toned shadow and applied lashings of mascara and winged eyeliner.

Then on my lips i used barry m's 147. I think this is such a pretty colour but i've been neglecting this lipstick. It's a brighter colour than i normally wear which is why i kept my eyes really neutral!
ALSO... Ditzy make-up is having a contest... go and check it out!

Hope you are all having a great Saturday!

Laura xXX

Burt's Bees

So i saw this 'essential body kit' bu burt's bees the other day when i was in boots with my boyfriend and wanted to buy it with my advantage points. When i got to the till i had like a pound less than i needed on my card so i reluctantly put it back on the self! :(

My boyfriend only went back the day after and bought it for me... what a sweetie!! :)

I've never tried anything from the burts bees range so thought this would be a great way to try out some of their stuff. You get 7 sample sized products -

- Citrus and ginger root body wash
- deep pore scrub
-hand salve
- lemon butter cuticle cream
- naturally nourishing milk and honey lotion
- peppermint foot lotion
- replenishing pomegranate lip balm
- radiance day cream

They all smell gorgeous and i can't wait to try them all out!

Have you tried anything from burts bees??

Laura xXx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Graduation

Yesterday was my graduation day! :) I was soo nervous about the whole thing! For some reason the thought of walking across the stage was soo daunting to me! No idea why! Anyway i managed to get across without falling or my hat coming off which is always good!

I ended up having a really great day and luckily the sun was shining for us! :)

Here are a few photos...

Me just after i was fitted with my gown. The hat was an absolute nightmare which i ended up pinning to my head with hair grips so it didn't fall off!!

Me and my mum getting blown away!!

Me and my boyfriend :)

Mum, me, brother and dad!
So i am officially no longer a student :( I'll miss the discount and all the free time but i won't miss writing essays!!
Laura xXx

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Hauling...

So i popped into town today mainly to try and pick up the few things i couldn't get in London!

First i got Marc Jacobs - Daisy purfume

I'd heard loads about this through blogging and had to try it. I tested it for the first time in london and absolutely loved it. But every boots i went back to didn't stock but i finally got it today! :)

I needed some new silver flats coz my current ones are knackered so got these from new look. While i was there i also picked up some black ones for work.

This black blazer was from new look and was £25. I'm not sure if it's the 'one'. I'm still gonna look around other places before i completely settle on this one.

Finally i just got these long vest tunics from H&M... perfect to wear with leggings!

A pretty boring haul really! Hope you're all having a great Sunday!

Laura xXx