Sunday, 26 July 2009

Project Ten Pan...

I’ve decided to take part in project ten pan! I realise I’m about four months too late but ahh well!

The main reasons I’m doing this?
  • Because I need to STOP spending so much money on make up. I hope this will help me love all the products I already own and help me realise I don’t need to splurge on new items all the time.
  • Because I want to make my first MAC purchase but at the minute I just can’t justify it. When I have finished this hopefully I will have a gap in my make up collection along with the space and money to facilitate it.
  • Because I’ve just started earning after three years at uni. For some reason I’m more protective over money I’ve worked hard for than money that’s lent to me by the government, eg, student loan. I don’t particularly want to throw my hard earning cash down the drain on makeup I really do not need.
  • Because I need to save a bit of money and obviously not being able to buy any new makeup will help this in a big way!

So I won’t be able to purchase any new make up until I have used up 10 of my makeup products. SO you won’t be seeing any makeup hauls from me for a while :( I’ll be sure to update you with how I’m getting on though :)

I have no idea how long this will take me (ages probably) but I’m really going to try me hardest with this. I don’t want to have any slip ups. WISH ME LUCK!!

Have you tried to take park in project 10 pan?

Laura xXx


    I wish i had the will power!!

    And if i was you i wouldnt start buying MAC... its soo freaking addictive! I'm writing up my MAC shopping list as i type this... lol :/


  2. good luck doll! i know you can do it :) xx

  3. ~@ ditzy make-up, thank you :) I don't think i do have the will power but i'm gonna try my hardest!

    I know gonna be dangerous when i start buying MAC... but it's just gotta be done! I feel like i'm missing out!!


  4. @ melanie - thanks hun! :) xXx


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