Sunday, 5 July 2009

New Bag + FOTD

So i popped into next with the intention of getting something for my mum and came out with a bag for myself! I just saw it and had to have it!

I've been wanting a bag slightly bigger than my current one and this fulfills that perfectly! And i know its white and totally impratical but i just love it!! It was £26... i think that's pretty reasonable!

And today's face...

Just the usual neutral eye with a pop of green underneath and neutral lips but i tried something new with my hair. I saw this on purse buzz's you tube channel and it's really simple to do! I don't usually like having my hair off my face... my fringe is almost something to hide behind! But yeah i got compliments on it so it can't have looked that bad :P

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Laura xXx


  1. I'll have to look up that pursebuzz vid- it looks lovely on you! I always like discovering different things to do with my hair because I get bored of it just being down!

  2. Thank you! Yeah i'm the same, i very rarely do anything adventerous with my hair and get bored of having it the same all the time! I have been trying to do different things with it lately though! xXx

  3. Your hair looks nice like that, a good look for the summer aswell to keep the hair of your face.

    Gonna try it tomorrow :) xx

  4. awwwi really like your fotd. its so simple yet its very pretty! i love the hair too.

  5. Gorgeous bag! I Love it! xx Leia

  6. I really like Next's bags they're perfect to dump loads in and take to work! xx

  7. Cute bag!!

    Love the makeup and hair :)

  8. the bag is CUTE!

    my roomate is THRILLED with her bag!
    she won’t put it down!!!


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