Friday, 3 July 2009

My contest prize! :)

Legseleven held a contest and i won one of the prizes! I was sooo chuffed... i never win anything! :)
I'm sure you are all already subscribed to her but if your not... go check her out here.

My Prize...

A bronzer and blusher brush... both from the body shop.
The bronzer is absolutely gorgeous... it's a lovely warm colour and is packed full of shimmer. It will look gorgeous for a summer bronzy look!
And i'm really impressed with the quality of the brush, it's really soft and lovely. I've been wanting to try out the body shop brushes for ages so i might have to invest in some more!
I love all my prizes... thank you very much marcia! :)
Laura xXx

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  1. Thats ok hunni.
    Thank you for mentioning me on ur blog


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