Friday, 31 July 2009

Thank You!!

So today i woke up to 85 followers and i am super excited!! I remember when i got my very first follower and it was such a big deal! I never imagined i'd get anywhere near 80!
So i just wanted to say thank you to all my lovely subscribers to reading my rambles!

If i ever make the 100 subscriber mark i'm gonna have a give away/competition, so keep your eyes peeled for that!! :)
Hope you are all well!
Laura xXx


  1. I'm so pleased for you my dear (:
    I absolutely love your blog! Check mine out when you have the time (:


  2. aww congrats!
    you deserve it... i'm sure your going to get many many more followers, your blogs great!

  3. Here you go! I am number 100 :-)
    Waiting for the contest now ;-)


Thank you for your lovely comment. I love hearing from you all. :)