Saturday, 25 July 2009

My Nail Polish Collection

I have always been into nail polish from a very early age! My collection was quite big when i was younger but then i sort of got out of the habit of painting my nails through uni. But now i'm building my collection up again!

Here it is as it stands at the minute:

I just store them all in a plastic vanity box. Totally unorganised but it works for me :)

The pinks:

Top row (left to right)
  • OPI - thats hot pink
  • Barry M - 279 bright pink
  • China Glaze - strawberry fields
  • rimmel 60 seconds - funtime fuchsia
  • rimmel 60 seconds - rose libertine
Botton row
  • no 7 stay perfect - 25 twinkle
  • revlon - 090 posh pink
  • Sally hansen - sheerly opal
  • Loreal resist and shine - 102
  • OPI - got a date to-knight
The oranges/red:
  • china glaze - ruby pumps
  • nails inc - insytle coral
  • OPI - shootout at the ok coral
  • revlon - tropical temptation
The greens:
  • Barry M - mint green
  • China Glaze - watermelon rind

The blues:
  • Barry M - cyan blue 294
  • OPI - teal the cows come home
  • OPI - blue my mind
  • no 7 stay perfect - 110 betty blues

The purples:

  • OPI - ink
  • OPI - purple with a purpose
  • OPI - done out in deco
The Plums/Blacks:
  • OPI - black cherry chutney
  • -OPI - black onyx
  • -tesco nail polish (dont have the colour :( )

The Clears/whites:

top row

  • avon lasting lengths laquer
  • nails inc albert bridge top coat
  • OPI nail envy
  • seche vite top caot
  • seche vite base coat

Botton row

  • avon french manicre
  • sally hansen french manicure

Pinks seem to be the most popular in my collection and they definately are my favourite colours to paint my nails!

The only major gap i can see in my collection are nude polishes! I've never had one before so any recommendations would be very welcome!! :)

Hope you are all having a great saturday!

Laura xXx


  1. wow what a great collection! i have 5 of the ones you own, we have similar taste! i like the nude bourgois one, but i think nudes have to look good on your skintone xx

  2. Thank you! I definately have a big 'thing' for nail polish!

    Yeah i've never tried a nude so it might look absolutely terrible with my skin. I might try the bourjois one because i don't fancy splashing out for one from OPI if its not gonna suit me!! xXx

  3. nice collection!! I'm jealous!



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