Monday, 27 July 2009

Having a bit of a clear out...

Since i'm doing project ten pan, it kind of inspired me to chuck out some of that old make up that i'm really never gonna use again!

Yeah i know it's not much but it's better than nothing right??

  • A number 17 teal eyeshadow. Seriously.. look at the state of it. Why on earth was i keeping that?!
  • A red loose eyeshadow bought from a market stall for one halloween while i was at uni. Never worn it since.. never will again!
  • An avon pink and brown eye shadow duo. I think i've probably had this since i started using make up. Time to throw it i think...
  • Benefit bad gal lash... i tried to like, i really did. But in reality i hate it!
  • The deadly maybelline liquid eyeliner than was making me eyes sore and puffy!
  • A white body shop eyeliner than has no pigmentation what so ever. Maybe due to the fact that it's as old as i am!?
  • Two maybelline line define felt lip eyeliners. Great when you first start using them.. then the tip dries out after about two weeks!

I think i should clear out my make up collection more often!!

Laura xXx

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