Friday, 24 July 2009


Barry M Nail Paint - Bright Pink (279)

This is only the second time i have tried a Barry M Nail Paint. I have the barry M mint green but i think the consistency of the bright pink is much better. I heard these nail paints differ is consistincency right? The bright pink is really creamy and goes on streak free and opaque in two coats!

The colour is i bit brighter than its coming up in this picture, it's looks a bit pale but it really is quite bright! But i like it :D And it compliments my dress for tonight perfectly!

10/10 for me on this nail paint! REALLY impressed!!

Laura xXx


  1. pretty colour! looks lovely. xx

  2. I keep forgetting to check this one out, it's gorgeous! I will write this on my 'to-buy' list now! Thanks :)


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