Saturday, 4 July 2009

Ins and Outs 2


- London - i'm off to london with my mum for three nights on monday and i can't wait :) We're going to see dirty dancing and i'm sooo excited!!

- The Weather - i have to say i'm glad it's cooled off a little bit. Don't get me wrong, i love sunshine but last week got a little ridiculous and when you're trying to work in it, it's no fun at all!

- Seche Vite - i can't believe i just discovered this brand, i know it's early to say but so far their top coat is A-MA-ZING!!

- Revlon tropical temptation - an absolutely gorgeous colour that has summer written all over it!

- Graduation - my graduation is the week after next... i'm nervous and excited all at the same!


-Student life - graduating in less than two weeks time has kind of given me a reality check that i will never be able to enjoy the student life again! No more dossing about and spending all my time shopping rather than writing essays! Oh and of course... no more student discount :'(

-Gladiator Sandals - the ones i bought from new look a couple of weeks ago have broken on me.. so i had to take them back and i haven't managed to find a in my size since :(

-Saving - after i get back from London i'm going to watch what i'm spending because i need to save. No more fun make-up purchases! :(

What are you ins and outs??

Laura xXx


  1. I just graduated from college about 2 months ago! It has been so hard to cut back on spending on fun things like clothes and makeup... but I am adjusting! Hopefully I will have a well-paying job soon and be able to treat myself to some girly things every now & again <3

  2. It's soo difficult isn't it! I'm going to really try my best though! I know that i don't need most of the things i buy so i guess i'll just have to keep that in mind when i have a weak moment! xXx

  3. Enjoy London - I am going next month and can't wait, not going to a show though. Boooo lol xx


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