Saturday, 11 July 2009

My first MAC experience...

Since there is a MAC shop in convent garden and we were staying right near there i felt it would be rude not to visit!

So i went with the intention of buying something but came away empty handed. It's not that i didn't like or want anything... i wanted EVERYTHING!! I was with my mum which i think was a good thing actually because she kept me level headed. She said i should get something that is different to anything else in my collection. But i really struggled to decide what it was that i wanted!

My first instinct was to go with a lipgloss but when i tested it i realised they were SUPER sticky! I don't mind a bit of stick... but these seemed too sticky for my liking. Hair suck in lipgloss is never a good look!!

So bascially the point of this post is ask if you guys have any advice about what a good first time item is for a mac virgin! What was your first ever MAC purchase??
Also i've read about them increasing their prices, I don't know whether it's really worth the price? I wouldn't know because i've never used any of their products. What does everyone think?
I'm having a bit of dilemma!!

Laura xXx


  1. my first ever mac purchase was a hello kitty eyeshadow pallette (well, my boyfriend bought them for my birthday) and a nail varnish.

    i decided that if the eyeshadows were good i would build a collection and they are FANTASTIC!!!

    id recommend either starting with buying a few eyeshadows in colours you think you can work with easily (i started with neutrals) or buying a foundation and concealer...

    theres not really any way to PLAN what to buy from mac because as you have experienced, when you go in you just want everything..

    if you already have a foundation and concealer that work for you then start with eyeshadows as there is over 150 colours to choose from and the sales assisstant will help you with colours that suit your skin tone!!

    a word of warning, mac mascaras and nail varnishes are quite well known for being awful so i would steer clear of those until you have a solid feel for mac products :)

    i really hope this has helped, i think i rambled a bit!! xxxxx

  2. I was of the same opinion as you before I bought any MAC products...they can be on the pricey side, BUT they quality is so good, I highly recommend it. I would go for eyeshadows, brushes or lipsticks (not that I have any l/s yet, but I've swatched a lot and they are fab consistency). xxx

  3. My 1st was a lipglass in Pink Lemonade ♥

    I love their glosses/lipsticks/blush's.

    I don't wear eyeshadow so can't comment on those

  4. MAC can be a little overwhelming the first time. I've only been in there about 3 times and have never bought anything whilst I've been in there because there is just too much to choose from! My boyfriend bought me a lipstick from there though that I'd wanted for a while, called Blankety which is gorgeous. Probably best to do a little research and have a look at swatches and then you can go in with a little list and test them out in real life. Hopefully that will make it easier to filter down everything! xx

  5. Every time I visit the Mac counter, it happens the same to me: I am overwhelmed with so many products. Besides, the sales women are really unhelpful most of the times so I come out empty...

  6. Thanks for all your help and advice girls.. it really helped! I'm definately gonna do some research before the next time i visit a mac store! xXx

  7. My first MAC purchase was a scarlet stick lippy(not lipgloss:) and very good it was too!


  8. I'm not a big makeup user, but I did invest in a MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in dark brown. I use it on nights out or for formal dinners. It is actually like tattooing your eyes! The lady asked if I wanted the cleanser, I said no but regretted it later!! I learnt that vaseline removes it well... a friend has since bought me a beautiful little MAC palette in light/dark green.

  9. all of the eyeshadows are amazing! so just find a color you like and get it! :) ive never been disappointed with an eyeshadow from there!! also the pigments are amazing! and versatile

  10. Perhaps start with an eyeshadow or 2? Everyone seems to love the eyeshadows.

    Or lipstick. xxx

  11. My first ever purchase was about 10 years ago.. a bright yellow matte eyeshadow and a limeted edition blus lipglass (too sticky then and your right too sticky now!!)

    I still get overwhelmed there.. the other day i got three lipliners that could all practically be the same color. I need supervision.. can i borrow your mum??

    For a mac virgin i would go to a pro store and make my own 4shadow quad. I think thats all you need to get a taste of mac and some new stuff.

    Did they really increae their prices?? When i was younger it was cheaper but for the past 4 years i think its been pretty constent. xx

  12. @ tali... hahaha.. borrow my mum whenever u like! I need to take her when i go to mac because she's probably the only person who will stop me buying the whole shop!

    Thanks for ur advice! :) I've read on a couple of blogs about them increasing prices but i wouldn't really know since i've never purchased from them!


  13. my first MAC purchase was pretty simple - the studio fix fluid in NC15.. it was about only 2years ago because my skin was oxidizing so many other foundations (everything from rimmel, the body shop, to clinique!).. I bought this and Im so hooked! Ive bought other foundations over the months (out of curiosity) but always go back to this one :)

  14. first MAC purchase was in 1999. I bought, carbon eyeshadow, spice (it was a shadow back then - before the changed it to a blush), and myth lipstick.

  15. My first mac purchase was quite recent actually. Was the fluidline in blitz and glitz. I think I need a good primer cause I find the formula doesn't stay on my oily lids.. but LOVE the actual pigmentation. It has subtle flecks of gold and look really nice even for everyday wear


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