Wednesday, 22 July 2009

REVIEW: Seche Vite Top Coat

I’ve been using the seche vite top coat for about three weeks now. And despite my good first impressions I’m not impressed...

Let me explain...

I bought this top coat to prevent my nail polish from chipping because my nail polish always chips soo quickly and it frustrates me. However, it just didn’t fulfil this purpose.

I painted my nails with OPI’s done out in deco on Monday evening at about 5pm, and this is what my nails looked like at about 4.30pm on Tuesday afternoon! That’s just under 24 hours!!

(There were more chips on my left hand but i just couldn't get a clear photo)

This isn’t the only time this has happened, I change my nail colour all the time (mainly because it chips quickly) and it’s never really lasted longer than 24 hours without chipping!

I have read some really good reviews about this product so I think my nails are just incapable of holding nail polish on for any length of time!! I know a lot of people swear by this product but I just wanted to give you all my honest opinion based on my experience.

In some ways it’s the best top coat I have ever used. It creates the most amazing shine which doesn’t fade after an hour! It also dries really quickly so it’s good for if you are in a rush when your painting your nails!
But unfortunately it doesn’t prevent my nails from chipping, therefore it I’m still on the search for my HG top coat!

If anyone has any tips on how to prevent chipping, where I might be going wrong or any recommendations for a good top and base coat they would be greatly appreciated!!

Laura xXx


  1. I have read/heard so many raves concerning this product.. Maybe you picked up a faulty one - Or am I just making excuses?! Haven't tried it myself though so I can't say anything really! I am currently using Nicka K's topcoat which I picked up from Beauty Base @ Westfield, it was only £1 something, I recommend it :)

  2. Oh and regarding the base coat I use Barry M's 3 in 1 nail paint, which does the job! As for tips, I'd say give each coat least 5/10 mins to dry :) x

  3. Yeah i've heard loads of rave reviews about this top coat aswell.. which is why i was counting on this product to work for me!

    I'm gonna stick with it until i finish the bottle and maybe i'll find a way to get it to work for me!

    Thanks for your advice :) xXx

  4. omg im the same! i also have soft peeling nails witch doesnt help lol i use the sally hansen insta dri anti chip top coat and that has been the best thing so far that i found but i still get little chips :( xxx


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