Monday, 10 August 2009

Favourite Three Nail Polishes

This is my entry for the nail buff's contest. If you havent already go check it out.. its a fab blog! :)

From left to right...

OPI - shootout at the ok coral - this is the first coral nail polish i bought when i began my 'obsession' and it continues to be my favourite. It's so vibrant and with the pinky/purple duochrome it just makes it that bit different to all the other corals out there.

OPI - done out on deco - it's just a simple cream lavender but i love it! It's not the type of colour i usually go for and when i first heard about it, i thought it wasn't for me. But since buying it i've fallen in love with it.

OPI - that's hot pink - hot pink nails have always and will always be my favorite nail colour. And hot pink nails don't get much better than this colour. It's a rich and vibrant shade of pink and i can't stop looking at whenever i wear it!
Laura xXx


  1. Ooh the coral polish looks lovely! May have to get that one soon :D xx

  2. Brilliant colour choices - Loving 'Done Out on Deco' especially! Where do you purchase your OPI nail polishes? x

  3. @emma - it really is a gorgeous colour! The picture just doesnt show how vibrant and gorgeous it is!!

  4. @shortiee31 - Thank you :) I usually get my OPI from ebay. From UK sellers though because i can't be bothered with the hassle of shipping etc. I usually get them for about £5.50. Where do you get yours from? xXx

  5. Any particular seller recommendations? I only have 2 OPI nail polishes, one I bought years ago on sale by a nail salon closing down and the other was during the ASOS Christmas sale for £5! :) x

  6. @ shortiee31 - I do usually go for the same seller. This is the link to her shop -

    She's got some of the best prices for OPI and normally had a good up to date selection of colours!

    Hope this helps! xXx


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