Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recent Purchases..

Sorry i've not been blogging too much lately but i've just been feeling a bit uninspired really.

Anyway, these are just some of my recent purchases. I haven't been buying much because i'm trying to chill out the spending. And of course none of this is make up because of project 10 pan!

This necklace was from accessorise, its sterling silver so for £12 I don't think that's too bad! It's so dainty and cute. I love small, dainty necklaces, i just think they look really feminine!

I got these earrings in the accessorise sale for £3.50 so i couldn't really say no :)

Clinique brush cleanser - I'm REALLY bad when it comes to cleaning my brushes so hopefully this will encourage me to do it a bit more! This works a treat and my brushes feel great after i've cleansed them.

Finally, i got this purse from river island for £15. I just couldn't resist it... love the quilting and it's got the most gorgeous leopard print design inside!

Hope you are all well!


  1. I love that purse! I got a black RI purse the other day which has that leopard print pattern on the inside :D x

  2. @emma - they have some gorgeous purses in there don't they!? I struggles to decide which one i wanted but finally settled for this one! :) xXx

  3. Those earrings are stunners. I adore Accessorize sales.

    & I also adore R.I. purses! I actually want the lot of them everytime I go in so I desperately have to force myself to avoid that counter.


  4. Nice haul! I like the earrings a lot! Concerning the brush cleanser, by any chance have you tried the MAC one? Which one do you prefer, the Clinique or MAC one?

  5. @stephanie - accessorize sales are the best, i couldn't resist the earrings at such a bargain price!

    @Nefertari - i haven't tried the mac one, no. I originally wanted the MAC one but they didn't have any in stock but i was in desperate need of brush cleanser. I'm planning on buying the MAC one next time so i will maybe do a comparison then!?


  6. Hey, I got Beige Style from Superdrug but if you're having trouble finding it, I can always get you one and post it you!! :-) x x

  7. Hi there! I just recently made a jewelry blog :) I think you'd like it: Check it out if you have time =D, I sell affordable Swarovski pieces :)


  8. I love River Island purses!! I got one in leopard with fluor pink on the inside!!



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