Thursday, 11 June 2009

Barry M Nail Paint - Mint Green

ok... wow!! :) So I LOVE this nail polish!! i wasn't sure about this when i first bought it because it's not the type of colour i usually go for! But after applying it and having it on for a few days i'm really warming to it! It's not just the colour i love though, it's the quality of the polish! This was my first barry m nail paint so i didn't know what to expect. But so far this has lasted longer than some of my OPI polish's!? And the consistency is great, it goes on opaque and gives full coverage after two coats!

This picture really doesn't do the colour justice... it's more bright and pastel coloured in real life. I'm sooo getting some more of these nail paints! I'm super impressed :)

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  1. I wanted this color so bad when I saw it online. However, I found a great alternative here in Canada. American Apparel's nail polishes in Office is quite similar (bit more pastel perhaps). LOVE LOVE the mint green


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