Wednesday, 24 June 2009

TAG: What's in my bag...

I've seen this tag going for a while now and thought i'd jump on the bandwagon!

So this is my bag.... I got it from next in January. I never spend loads of money on my bags because i always get bored and buy a new one, then the old one gets forgotten about! I think it's time for new a new bag round about now!! :)

Fistly is the stuff i literally couldn't leave the house without, my house and car keys, my purse and my phone!

I always carry around my diary, I'd be lost without it because my short term memory is terrible. And i use this cute little notebook for work.

I always carry my umbrella with me because you never know what the crazy british weather is gonna do next and my sunglasses come around with me in the summer. I also have a comb, a pen, my ipod and some carex hand gel.

These are the only make up products i carry around with me. I never carry a make up bag, because my bag isn't big enough but also because i don't usually touch up througout the day. I carry blistex intensive moisturiser, vaseline rosy lips, whatever lipstick i'm wearing that day. Today it was barry M 101 and 147 and I always have a compact mirror with me!

So that's my bag! :)

Just one more thing... yesterday i picked up 'red' magazine, purely because it had a free make-up bag with it. It's actually a really good size for a freebie! It comes in white aswell!

YAY for magazine freebies!! :)

Stay Beautiful xXx


  1. I love seeing these posts, i was going to do one but I always carry around way too much stuff!!
    I love your purse, where was it from?! x x

  2. I love these posts, so funny how we all carry around so much stuff!
    I've been eyeing up that issue of Red with the make up bag for ages, but I can only find the white one!

  3. I love your bag, that remind me I need a new bag, mines quite small and I carry a diary with me all the time too

  4. @jen - i got it from new look probably about 6 weeks ago but it was sale so i'm not sure if they'll still have them!?

    @lil - yeah it's stupid how much i carry around sometimes... i'm sure i don't need it all! I even want a bigger bag to accomadate all my 'stuff'!! I don't even like red that much i just had to have it because of the free bag!!

    @ luc - thank you!

  5. you have a really nice purse. I only carry a lot of makeup in mine. I only have a chap stick and eyeliner lol. I also carry a little notebook because i like to jot down random things :)

  6. I love my free make up bag its huge!x

  7. Ooo I love the little notebook, and your iPod cover is gorgeous :) Cute bag too! xxx

  8. GREAT bag!

    my roommate bought a panda bag!
    She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.

  9. I love that note book with all those candy hearts! These posts are a tonne of fun :)


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