Sunday, 28 June 2009

My first BBQ of the year...

So last night i went to my first BBQ of the year.... and it rained! :(

It's all good though because it did eventually stop so we still got yummy bbq food and we had a great evening!

My make-up:

I went witha pink and purple look with a big a navy blue in the crease to deepen the look. It's not usually colours i would go for but i fancied ringing the changes instead of going for the safe smokey eye.

My outfit:

I wore my trusty denim crops, a white summery top with a black waist belt and cute white peep toe wedges.

Today i spent the day enjoying the beautiful weather with my boyfriend... such a lovely day! Heres a photo of me wearing his mirrored aviators!

He suggested i bought a pair... but i think i'll give it a miss!!

Hope you have all had a fab weekend!




  1. I love it when bbq season starts! :)
    Your eye makeup looks so pretty.

  2. So do i! Just thought it was typical that it rained when i was going to my first one... oh well!! Thanks hun! xXx

  3. I love your hair in that pic with your mans glasses on! I really need to get some cropped jeans too! x

  4. I love bbq, and I've had like 2 times already last week, and this spring/summer I already had like at least 10 bbq at my boyfriend's house. his dad made the best bbq. I like your makeup and the outfit. You look cute.

  5. @ girl wth the golden touch - thank you! I just couldn't be bothered with it so threw it into a side pony! Cropped jeans are great.. can be dressed up or down!

    @dannimag - 10 bbq's already this summer... wow i'm jealous! Hopefully i'll get a few more in before the summer is over!

    @hifashion - thank you :)

  6. Lovely make up :) BBQ's are the best! xxx


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