Monday, 15 June 2009

Mini Haul and Swatches

I picked up a few things yesterday - the beauty uk eyeshadow palettes and two barry m lip paints.

Palette One:

Palette two:

Palette Four:

I'm really impressed with these palettes, they retail at £2.93 each and yeah ok they aren't the biggest shadows in the world but they are awesome! The pigmentation is brilliant and i hope you can tell from the photo's just how good they are.. especially for the price tag. It's just a bargain!!

Barry M Lip Paints

Left - 147

Right - 53

I have mixed feelings about these two. I am absolutely in love with the 147 as i thought i would be! However... the 53 i'm not so sure about. It's not a colour i normally go for and don't really know why i picked it up! I guess i wanted to try something different. I just think it's a bit bright and because i'm soo pale i don't think it works with my complexion. It might look good with a tan though!? I really am trying to make it work for me... i'll keep you updated!

They are both the usual drying consitency that most of the other lip paints are but i've come to expect this from barry m lip paints and solve it by teaming it with a really good lip balm!

Next... i want the 100 and the 146! :)

Stay beautiful! xXx


  1. I like palette four the best!

  2. @luc - yeah me too! I love a smokey neutral eye so i'll probably get the most use out of that one!

  3. Where did you get the from ?? :)

  4. @ luc - did you mean to ask where i got the palettes from?? If so.. I got them from superdrug.

  5. Yes I did, cool there's a superdrug at the nearest town to me, I might go and see but I can only buy if I get a job this summer. lol

  6. If you have the Body Shop's yes yes yes lip butter you could try that over the top of the brighter lip paint as it may tone it down a little bit more to suit you're complexion x


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