Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sooo Happy!!

I found out the results of my degree yesterday... it was a surprise because we weren't supposed to get them till friday! Anyway... i got a 2:1 and i am super chuffed!! :D

ALSO... cat is having a giveaway. The rules are that you must be a subscriber and you must mention her contest in your blog... so go check it out at


That's all for today... short and sweet!

Hope you are all staying beautiful!! xXx


  1. Well done! Now ...time to treat yourself ;-)

  2. Don't tempt me... what a good excuse to go shopping!! :) xXx

  3. hey thanks for posting
    for some reason my blog is telling me you arent a follower

    if you arent please click the follow button before midnight!!! xxxxxx

  4. @catobsessions - how strange! I am defiantely a follower! I just tried to follow you again but it told me i was already a follower!! :( xXx


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