Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ins and Outs 1


-Coral - I am absolutely in love with the colour

-Cups of tea - they really do solve everything

-Not having to spend all my free time doing uni work... FREEDOM! :)

-The barry M 147 lip paint - such a beautiful colour

-Boots vouchers/points - i'm thinking about what i'm going to treat myself to with my points already!


-The crazy british weather - one mintute its glorious sunshine, the next it's chucking it down with rain. I wish it would make it's mind up!

-Not having enough money to purchase my first mac product - my wishlist is growing :(

-My hair not growing - i want it down to my waist :(

- My graduation outfit - why am i finding it sooo difficult to find what i'm looking for!?

Stay Beautiful xXx


  1. I hate not having enough money and I don't have my first mac product yet! I don't think I'll buy one even if I do get a job this summer cause I really need some other make-up thats a little cheaper

  2. I agree with ALL your 'Ins'. Coral is the way forward. I want a handbag in the colour. I just had a cup of tea. It actually did solve stuff you know.

  3. I'm with you on Boots points! Am loving this months vouchers I have received in post, wondering what to get on No.7 range..

  4. @girl with the golden touch - i'm also wondering what to get with my no.7 voucher. I don't usually buy from that brand! Hmm.. If you buy anything that u recommendend, let me know! :) xXx

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  6. @ legseleven - I want EVERYTHING in that colour!! hehe! No a coral handbag would be brilliant!!


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