Saturday, 13 June 2009

End of an Era..

Yesterday I went to my university flat to clear it out for good... I have mixed feelings about it all. On one hand I’m ecstatic to have finished because I get to me at home and it means no more hideous essays! On the other hand... reality has started to kick in.

It was so strange to see my room completely empty, just like how it was when I moved in just under two years ago. That place holds so many memory’s for me, I’ve had some of the best times of my life.. but also the worst.

Even though I’ve been moved home for over a month now, I always had the option to just go back if I ever felt like it. But now that’s been completely taken away from me... and it feels really strange. That place has been my home for three years now and I don’t think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not going back. It’ll probably hit me in September when I’m usually getting ready to move back.

I know it’s such a clique but I really did have some of the best times ever during my time at uni. I met some of the nicest people and made friendships I never thought I would. And even though all of that kind of fell apart in my last year, it’s always the good memories that I’ll remember.
So here are some of my favourite memories from university...

First night out - sep '06

Oct '06

April '07

September '07
Beach Party - October '07

November '07

My 20th Birthday - November '07

Xmas Party - December '07

January '08

Valentines Night - February '08

Rave Night - Febuary '08

Sports ball - April '08

May '08

May '08

June '08

Rave Night - October '08

My 21st - November '08

December '08

April '09

Apologies for all the photos... this was a 'small' selection!! :S xXx


  1. random question did you go to UCLAN?x

  2. I certainly did! Do u recognise some of the places in the photos?? xXx

  3. Yeah first clue was first choice in the background then mood. many a night of drunkeness up and down that street!I actually lived in Preston up until 2 years ago and went to UCLAN in 2006. I left before my first year was over I really didnt like my course. Loved the social aspect of uni obv!Carnage in particular what course did you do?x

  4. this is so funny i went to uclan as well graduated in 2007 - recognised mood and faces in places - my friend used to take the photos! Just came across your blog and was reading through posts - great job! You should check mine out as well x


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