Thursday, 8 July 2010

Five Good Things

Hey girls, I’ve not done one of these posts for a while, I did try and do them every week for a while but started to struggle thinking of five things every week so from now on I’ll be making it a bit more random!

1.   Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. Obviously I’m going to be sad because it’s the end of an era but I know I’m leaving to move onto bigger and better things :)

2.   My internship starts a week on Monday and I’m really excited! I can’t wait to do something that’s actually going to utilize what I spent three long years working on at university.

3.   My friend from university who currently lives about 4 hours away from me has just landed a job an hour away from me. I can’t wait till she moves up here so I can spend time with her!

4.   I have a week off next week before I start my internship and I’ve got a few trips organised to visit friends who don’t live in my area. I guess that’s one good thing about having friends in different parts of the country... it’s a good excuse for a weekend away :)

5.   Recently I’ve got back in touch with a few old friends and I’ve really enjoyed catching up with what’s been going on with them. There’s nothing I love more than when you regain touch and it’s like you never lost touch.

Hope you are all well, Laura xXx

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  1. Love your list - looks like things are going well for you at the moment!

    I found it hard to keep up with these weekly too, so mine are more sporadic :)

    Good luck with your internship and I hope tomorrow goes well xx


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