Saturday, 24 July 2010

Review: MAC 130 Brush

I ordered this brush on line and my initial thought was that they had sent me the wrong brush because of how small it is. I decided to give it a go anyway because I had read some good reviews on it.

I use it to apply my liquid foundation and I think the key with this brush is to use less foundation and buff it into the skin really well. From my experience, loading the brush with foundation just leaves a big streaky mess.

Obviously the surface area of this brush is really small considering you are using for all over your face. I think this brush is perfect if you have the time to make it work. I wouldn’t recommend it for the morning routine but think it’s perfect for evenings out and weekends. It gives a lovely flawless finish, better than I’ve experienced from any other brush.


Densely packed bristles which really buff the foundation into the skin leave a flawless finish.

I’ve found I use less foundation with this brush.

The small surface area means you can get into the hard reach areas like around the nose etc.


Small surface area means it can take longer than your average brush to apply foundation.

After my initial scepticism I really enjoy using this brush and the finish it gives. It definitely isn’t the perfect brush but it gives a better finish that any other foundation brush I’ve used in the past. If you have the time to make it work, I think it’s worth the effort.

Have you used the 130 brush? What are your thoughts on it?

Laura xXx


  1. I really want to try this brush, I have a similar one with longer bristles, but I don't like it for foundation as its too soft. Great review!

  2. I agree - this brush does seem a little small for foundation, but I guess that makes it useful for putting foundation in weird little places like at the corners of your nose..But I do personally prefer a bigger brush!


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