Saturday, 12 September 2009

Aussie Hair Care

Aussie Hair Care held their first of three events last weekend. It was a treasure hunt to find lots of goodies! They sent everyone the clue and the key but unfortunately it was special delivery and nobody was in to sign for it. So i wasn't able to get hold of my key till monday.. gutted :( But Lauren still offered to send me some goodies which i thought was really generous. They arrived this morning...

So these were the goodies i got. I got two full sized products which are the miracle moist shampoo and the 3 miute miracle frizz remedy. Then i recieved 6 sample sized products, which are the mircale moist shampoo and conditions and the 3 minute miracle reconstructor.
I also recieved a topshop voucher which i was really excited about. I had heard that people who had made the event got a voucher but i didn't think i would get one because i didn't go! Super happy! I have no idea what to spend it on.. hmmm decisions decisions!
I have never tried aussie hair care before so i am really excited to try them and the products sound perfect to my dry, damaged hair! On first impressions the products smell absolutely amazing! Look out for some reviews coming up soon!
Hope you all have a great weekend. Laura xXx


  1. can't wait for the reviews.
    i have an aussie hairspray that i really like!

  2. thats amazing!
    i cant find the three minuet miracle stuff anymore and im panicing!


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