Thursday, 3 September 2009

Burts Bees Review

So those of you who have been following my blog will no that I got the burts bees essential body kit a few months back now. It is a kit full of sample sizes of some of their products. I’ve had chance to try them all out and I have mixed feelings about the products, some were hits, but unfortunately some were complete misses and there were a few products in between.

*warning* this could turn into a really long post but I’ll try and keep it brief.

The Hits:
Repleninshing lip balm with replenishing pomegranate oil:

‘replenishes moisture to reveal smooth, healthy lips while coating them with a hint of colour for e even toned appearance’

Retails for £3.42
I love this lip balm. It feels super moisturising on my lips without being greasy. Because of it’s non-greasy nature I think it makes the perfect base for lipsticks and have been using it every day for that purpose. I also love the fact that’s in a stick form, I haven’t bought a stick balm in years but it’s so much convenient and less mess. As for the hint of colour.. it seemed to be pretty clear to me but that’s even better because my lips are quite pigmented anyway.
Lemon butter cuticle cream:
‘nourishes and moisturises nails with a hint of lemon oil which makes nails smell incredibly clean, healthy and beautiful.’

Retails at £5.86
This wasn’t in my august favourites for no reason... I LOVE this. It smells divine to start with; lemon is one of my favourite scents and actually smells like fresh lemons. It’s really nourishing and mosisturing for the nails and cuticles and sorts out any dry skin or ragged cuticles. The texture is like a thick creamy butter which feels really luxurious.
Peppermint Foot Lotion:

‘peppermint oil and menthol invigorate tired, overworked feet while sunflower, wheat germ and coconut oils nourish and moisturise rough, calloused feet.’

Retails at £11.26

This foot cream has a strong peppermint scent which I love it feet products. It just smells really clean and fresh and personally I don’t want anything other when it comes to feet. I put this on a night and then put cotton socks on and my feet feel refreshed and moisturised by the morning. It’s definitely moisturising and makes your feet look and smell great!

The maybes:
Hand salve:

‘our most intensive hand treatment is packed with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax to moisturise hard working, rough and dry hands’

Retails at £8.31

I only really suffer with dry skin on my hands when it gets really cold so it’s hard for me to evaluate this one just get. It seems to be really moisturising but it also feels a bit greasy which is something I don’t really like. It also has a bit of a funky smell that I’m not too fond of.

Radiance Day Creme:

‘light weight natural moisturiser which is specifically formulated with royal jelly and botanical oils to help enhance skins radiance.’

Retails at £18.59

This would probably be a great moisturiser with someone with normal or combination/oily skin but my skin is dry and I need something more than a light weight moisturiser to help my skin keep hydrated. As for the radiance... personally I didn’t notice much difference but then I wasn’t really expecting anything drastic.

Citrus and ginger root body wash:
(don't have a picture... totally forgot and threw it away when i finished it)
‘blends essential citrus oils and ginger root extract with a gentle plant based cleansing complex to leave skin feeling clean, smooth and soft.’

Retails at £11.74

Don’t get me wrong this body wash smells absolutely gorgeous but I can only get soo excited about a body wash and I’m not sure I can justify spending over £10 for a bottle of shower gel...
The misses:

Naturally nourishing milk and honey body lotion:
‘Naturally nourishing, lightweight lotion feeds your skin with milk to soften and honey to deeply moisturise’

Retails at £11.24

I found the smell of this to be far too overpowering. The smell stayed with me all day and started to make me feel a bit yucky after a while. Its great that this body lotion is light weight because it doesn’t feel too sticky throughout the day but personally I prefer something thicker and more luxurious feelings for my body, such as a body butter.
Peach and willowbark deep pore scrub:

‘natural penetrating scrub with finely ground peachstone to gently exfoliate, willobark to remove oil and Hawaiian ginger to increase circulation and replenish essential moisture.’

Retials at £9.78

‘This product smells divine! I really wanted to love this product but it felt far too harsh on my sensitive skin. My skin felt baby soft after I used it but it brought me out I red blotches because the granules were too harsh. I love my skin to feel soft but red blotchy patches isn’t usually a look I go for.

Well done if you made it this far! So this was my honest review of all the products I tried from the burts bees. Some products I’m sure I will be repurchasing over and over again, however some products I won’t.
Laura xXx


  1. Hey Laura, a beautiful review on all of them! I bought the Repleninshing lip balm with replenishing pomegranate oil on it's own and it was...$1.99 USD, I think. For some reason I didn't quite like the smell on my lips...I think because of the beeswax based. I however used it after I ran out of my Papaya lip balm from the Body Shop (My favorite) I was a little bummed out and unfair towards the Burt Bee's lip

  2. I swear by Burts Bees Honey lip balm! But Ill definitely be trying out some of the other goodies this range has! Great post! xx

  3. Lol, I did read till the end, as I wanted to know your thoughts. I have the exact same kit but haven't touched it, it's helpful to know how it turned out for you. Thanks!

  4. I love burts bees! Their lipgloss is my favorite.

  5. @ Aika - Thank you! aww thats a shame, i really love that lip balm. I don't find the smell of it a problem at all.

    @lorien beautylove - yeah i might try the honey lip balm next to see if i prefer it to the pomegranate one!

    @Halifax - blummin' heck - well done for making it to the end!! Glad you enjoyed it though! :)


  6. I absolutely love the cuticle creme! I'm so glad it was one of your prizes because it's something I would have never bought myself. It smells gorgeous :) xo

  7. @ emma - really glad you like it :) It's one my favourite nail products and it does smell absolutely divine doesnt it!! xXx

  8. im deffinatly going to go and pick up the lip balm now!! im in love with all types of lip balms and want want want this one too now :D lol

  9. @ notallthatsparkles - yeah you should give it a go! It's not greasy like vaseline and that's why i like it so much, i hate really greasy feeling lip balms! xXx

  10. Great review! I love Burts Bees lip balms but I haven't tried this one. xx

  11. Mmmmm love the fresh lemon smell you get from the Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme! Love how it doesn't feel greasy too :) Brilliant reviews!


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