Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ins and Outs 4

- Being proud of my boyfriend - basically he should've graduated in july like me but there was an issue with his dissertation and he had to re-do a part of it. It was all a bit traumatic and he could have potentially come out of uni without a degree but he's just found out he's passed with a 2.2... i'm soo happy for him eeee!! :)
-Pay day - need i say more?!
-Bright Nails - i know it's nearly autumn but i'm trying to keep summer alive with bright corals and pinks!
Golf season - one more weekend and then its officially over and get my boyfriend back.. well until next april at least!!
Chicago - I recently booked tickets to go and see chicago in manchester. I love this musical, i've seen it twice already and can't wait to see it again.
Post uni blues - i feel like i write something about uni in every ins and outs post, i'll get over it soon! :P Just with people talking about going back and starting, its not making things any easier!
'Floating around' - that's what i call this stage in my life. I have a job but it's only a temporary solution and i need to find a more long term job that has more to do with what i want to do. I've been searching hard for jobs but it's so hard to get anything at the moment. I just don't know what i'm doing with my life and i feel like i'm inbetween stages.. hence why i'm 'floating around'.
Project ten pan - Ok, i'm not gonna lie, its getting REALLY old now. It seems to be taking forever and i'm only on five products so far. I've very nearly finished this bronzer but i swear it's not gone down anymore for about two months. Just finish god dammit!! I miss doing haul posts aswell!
Blogger events - i had the priviledge of being invited to both aussie and maybelline but sadly i couldn't make either. Hopefully i'll be able to make one soon.
My camera dying - my digital camera's on it's last legs and it think i'm gonna have to buy a new one soon. Any recommendations? I'm just looking a pretty standard digital camera that's not too pricey but does a decent job!!
Laura xXx


  1. I've currently been out of school for around 3 years now, and while I have a permanent job, its not near enough pay, so I still feel like I' floating around as well! I find it hard to find anything better too at the moment, but hopefully soon some good luck will come our way!

  2. Hear hear @ Blogger events! :( I second bright nails too ;)

  3. I second the being out of school and still feel like you're floating thing! I've been out for nearly 3 years and it's hard to get used to it...especially when you're not in a "career"..just at a "job".

  4. haha I feel you with the post uni blues...I just graduated too!


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