Saturday, 5 September 2009

New Boots :)

I've been looking for some black leather flat boots for a while and when i came across these beauties i couldn't resist.

They were £85 for River Island. Expensive but i see them as an investment and i'm hoping they'll last me a few years.

Do you think i made a good investment?
Laura xXx


  1. Definitely!! They look lovely and comfy, and very stylish too. They'll definitely be in fashion in a few years time so you'll get lots of wear out of them I bet xx

  2. So pretty :p It can't go out of style !

  3. those are nice! they are probably well worth the money cause boots like that can go with lots of looks and will probably lost a long time!

  4. @ lollipop - they are really comfy. Yeah that's why i bought them because there's nothing too high fashion about them so they shouldn't look out of place in a few years time.

    @ carine - thank you! I agree that they won't go out of style.

    @nicole - Definately, with them being leather i am hoping they will last me a good few years.

  5. i love the boots, great for winter!

    i nominated you for a blog award by the way :)



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