Saturday, 5 September 2009

St. Moriz - The Results

So as i said i would last night, i applied my newly purchased st. moriz. I showered, exfoliated and then moisturised. I've been using fake tan since i was 16 but i have never used a mousse formation so i was a little scared!!

A few people had told me it was quite hard to work with so i only left it about an hour after mositursising before i started applying it. This seemed to work for me because my skin was still moist so the tan worked in really smoothly and evenly.

I used the st. tropez soft mitt and found it was a really easy way to apply the mousse. You can cover a large area at a time which is good with this fake tan because it dries pretty quickly! I would say however that the mitt isn't that great for the more intricate places such as round the collar bones because you have less control over where the colour is going. So i just used my hands to rub it any bits i felt looked a bit patchy.

For my face i used a make up sponge. I find this helps to get a precise and even finish... no one wants a patchy face!! And for my hands i mixed a pump of tan with some moisturiser and lightly swept it over my hands with the sponge.

I've tried some fake tans where the application process has just been really messy however this seemed like less hassel and less mess. It dries really quickly aswell so i wasn't walking around like a zombie for half an hour waiting for it to dry!

So this moring after i was all showered i was really impressed with the result. The colour didn't come out too dark on me which for some people may be a downfall, but with me being so pale it's definately a good thing because it looks more natural. There's also not a single streak in sight, the finish is really smooth and even. I'm pretty impressed with the lack of fake tan 'smell' aswell. There was a slight smell last night after i'd applied it but today i can't smell it anymore.

This is the finished result...

So over all i'm really impressed, and for £2.99 you can't go wrong!!
You may also have noticed i've had a little trim. I went and got it cut yesterday because i was so sick of it being in such bad condition. I probably had about two inches off which isn't loads but it's a big deal for me because in the past four years i've never had more than half an inch taken off! I was amazed by how much healthier the ends look and feel. I'm definately going to be going to more regular trims!!
Laura xXx


  1. It looks good on you! What lipstick are you wearing? :)

  2. @ emma - thank you. I'm wearing gosh darling with a pink lancome juicy tube over the top. xXx

  3. It looks so nice & natural, you look great!


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