Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hair History...

I’ve never been brave enough to do anything drastic with my hair so this won’ t be the most exciting hair history but still I fancied doing it..

This is at my high school prom when I was sixteen (unfortunately I don’t have the facility to get any older pics on my laptop) My hair was a mid-length, just a few layers and... blonde STREAKS! Why.. !?
This is a couple of years after when the blonde had gone and I had let my hair grow. Again I just had a pretty unadventurous cut. As you can tell I used to like my hair to absolutely poker straight.

This was in my first year at uni and I think this is probably the longest my hair has been. I started wearing my parting more to the side.

This was probably only taken a couple of months later when I decided to get some blonde bits put in the underneath layers on my hair. This picture doesn’t show it well but it was pretty subtle. The rest of my hair is my natural colour.

This was at the start of my second year at uni when I had a complete hair disaster. I went to get some more blonde in my hair and it turned out blue. Yes... bright blue! I was mortified. Long story but I got my hair dyed for free! I asked for it to be as close to my natural colour as possible but it turned out nothing like it. It was lighter and more red toned. I did like he cut he gave me though, a side swept fringe and more layers.
When I got bored of plain brown I decided to get blonde again but a little bit more this time and once again I asked for a dark brown colour on the rest of my hair but I got light/reddy brown. I hate this when I look back at pictures, I’ll never do it again plus it totally ruined my hair where I had it blonde.

Eventually the previous colour just went really ginger so I got a bit of a drastic colour change and went almost black! I didn’t like it at first but it soon faded.

So this is what it looked like once it had faded. This is waayy lighter than my natural colour and I can’t seem to get rid of the reddy tones it in! I also decided volume was the way forward.
More recently I dyed my hair a dark brown colour to try and get rid of the reddy tones in it. I’d vowed that I won’t dye it any more now and I’m going to let it grow out to my natural colour.
And this is what my hair looks like currently had a bit of a trim last week but nothing too drastic. Love how healthy it has made my hair feel and I will definitely be getting regular trims from now on.
Laura xXx


  1. your hair looked really nice black

  2. you are so beautiful!
    i loove your hair

  3. @ nicole - thank you! I personally thought it was too dark and washed me out a litte bit.

    @Brigitte - aww thank you very much :)


  4. You're so pretty! I love how your hair looks now, very healthy and shiny!


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