Sunday, 6 June 2010

NOTD - Nails Inc with Diet Coke - London

Nails Inc - London

I don't own many nail polishes in the grey, beige, taupe family but since this was free with the diet coke promotion I thought I might aswell pick it up and give it a go.

I have to say that when I first applied it I wasn't really sure. However after wearing it for a while it's really growing on me. I'm not an expert on these types of colours but I'd describe it as a taupe with a hint of mauve. It looks really sophisticated on the nails and I will probably be sporting these types of colours more often. The only let down with this polish is that I found the consistency really difficult to work with, it's really thick and gloopy and was just a general nightmare to apply. Once I had my seche vite top coat on they looked fine though.

What are your thoughts on the taupe nail polish trend?

Laura xXx


  1. I'm currently wearing this polish and love it :) I'm not used to wearing this colour either, so I was surprised as to how much I like it! :) xx

  2. I'm totally in love with the taupe colours! I cannot get enough!! xx

  3. this is the one I got! I really like it, at first i wasn't sure either but i love how it can look grey and mauve depending on the light :D x


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