Monday, 17 May 2010

Five Good Things

Hello, my lovelies. Hope you had a great weekend and a good Monday. I’m finding it hard to be positive this week because of one thing and another but here goes anyway...

1. The boyfriend and I aren’t going to get a holiday abroad this summer which is unfortunate but instead we are hoping to take a few short breaks in this country. We booked out first one this weekend, we are off to the lovely city of York.

2. My mum is away this week which means I get the house to myself for the week. I miss having her around but it’s great to do my own thing and not have anyone to answer to!

3. It was pay day on Friday... my favourite day of the month :)

4. Apparently the weather is supposed to get warmer this week. I think it’s about time really, I’m sick of feeling cold all the time!

5. We are going out for a family meal for my brother’s birthday this weekend. We don’t go out as a family enough but when we all get together I love it :)

I’m thinking of doing a giveaway, probably just a little one just to thank you for all my lovely subscribers who stuck with me even when I was absent for six months. Look out for that sometime this week.

I hope you are all ok and have a great week :) Lots of love, Laura


  1. I hope you have fun in York :p I lived in England, but never been there :/

  2. Have a great time in york. My fiancee and I arent going abroad this year as were saving for a house so i feel ure pain :-( xx lovely blog xx

  3. @Carine - Yorks a lovely little city, I've only been once so am really looking forward to going back! xXx

  4. @ Pearl - Aww thank you sweet :) Good look saving for a house. I know not getting a sunny holiday sucks but I'm sure it'll all be worth it when you have your house. xXx

  5. I love planning mini breaks away in England! Never been to York but would love to try it! xx


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