Wednesday, 19 May 2010

TAG: Love/Like/Hate

I saw this tag on lollipoploves' blog and thought it looked like a fun tag to do. So they idea is to share 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates. So here goes...

I like getting packages and letters in the post. I particularly like it when they are unexpected.

I like chocolate.

I like the first cup of tea I have when I get home from work. For some reason it tastes so much better than all the rest.

I like thunderstorms, but only when I’m inside.

I like ice cream.

I like getting bought flowers.

I like coffee and cake – the perfect combination.

I like the colour pink.

I like catching up with old friends and feeling like you never lost touch.

I like sunsets.

I like the seaside.

I like baking.

I love all my families, friends and boyfriend. I might not tell them enough but they are completely appreciated.

I hate waking up and thinking it’s the weekend and then realising it’s not and I have to get up for work.

I hate being grown up.

I hate waking up early at the weekend when I want a long lie in.

I hate eggs and milk.

I hate snow.

I hate football.

I hate arrogance.

I hate dogs - not out of choice but I have a phobia of them :( 

I know I'm supposed to tag three people but I'm just going to tag who ever wants to do this!
Laura xXx


  1. You hate dogs? I absolutely adore them, mine are my babies lol. Also agree with your waking up thinking its the weekend when it's not. Boo to that lol.

    Glad you did the tag honey xx

  2. @lollipop - yeah I have a phobia of dogs, they scare the life out of me!! I knew that one might be a bit controversial with the dog lovers out there!! I'm alright with small dogs but if they come to my knee or above I panic! :S xXx

  3. I like all of your likes except baking (which I like the idea of but the reality, chaos!) and tea has to be green! I love this post, I might have to do it soon.

  4. Cool post! I think I may do this one!

  5. @essjay23x - Haha.. my baking can be pretty chaotic and times aswell but it's just so much fun! You should do it, it's a fun tag!

  6. @Snowdrop - yeah you should definately do one, I love reading them. xXx

  7. Wicked post honey hope you dont mind me having a turn xxx (def agree with the snow thing hehe)

    t x


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