Friday, 21 May 2010

Updated Nail Polish Collection

I did a nail polish collection at some point during last summer but it's expanded quite a bit since then so I thought I would do an update on my collection. Just a little warning, this will turn into a really long post!


I'll do them all left to right just so I don't have to keep writing it.
Top Row: Barry M - Bright Pink, Rimmel - Funtime Fuscia, OPI - That's Hot! Pink, China Glaze - Strawerry Fields, Revlon - posh pink.
Bottom Row: Nail Incs - Shoreditch, Nails Inc - Hollywood, Models Own - Pink Blush, No.7 - Milan, Ciate - Kniker Bocker Glory.


 Top Row: Barry M - Vivid Purple, Barry M - Bright Purple, OPI - Purple With a Purpose, OPI - Done Out in Deco, Collection 2000 - Dynasty
Bottom Row: Ciate - Shaken Not Stirred, Ciate - Plastic Fantastic, Nails Inc - Melrose Avenue, Models Own - Lilac Dream


Top Row: Orly - Cotton Candy, OPI -Shootout at the Coral OK, Revlon - Tropical Temptation, Barry M - Flamingo Pink, Rimmel - Rose Libertine.
Bottom Row: Nails Inc - Instyle Coral, Nails Inc - The Beach, Models Own - Coral Reef.



Nails Inc  - Beverly Hills, Nails Inc - Victoria & Albert, Barry M - Raspberry, Maybelline - Cerise Cherry, Revlon - Cherries in the Snow, China Glaze - Ruby Pumps


Top Row: Nails Inc - Rodeo Drive, OPI - Blue My Mind, OPI - Teal the Cows Come Home, China Glaze - Watermelon Rind, China Glaze - For Aubrey
Botton Row - Barry M - Navy, Barry M - Turquoise, Barry M - Mint Green, Collection 2000 - Button Moon


Top Row: OPI - Black Onyx, OPI - Ink, OPI - Black Cherry Cutney, Tesco (it doesn't have a name on it sorry), No. 7 - Temptress.
Bottom Row: Mavala - Las Vegas, Barry M - Grey, Nails Inc - Victoria, No.7 - Betty Blues


Top Row - OPI - Got a Date to-knight, Models Own - Eutopia, Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street, L'oreal - 102, Barry M - Baby Pink, Rimmel - Beige Style, Models Own - Snow White, Mavala - Top Coat.
Middle Row - No.7 - Twinkle, Sally Hansen - Sheerly Opal, Orly - base coat, Seche Vite - Base, OPI - Nail Envy, Rimmel - Top Coat, Seche Vite - Top Coat
Bottom Row: OPI - Soft shades.

If you would like a swatch of any of my nail polishes just leave a comment and I'll post a picture.

What's your favourite nail polish??

Lots of Love, Laura xXx


  1. A lovely collection, you really cover the rainbow there! Where did you get your Orly polish from? xx

  2. Wow I love your collection! Mine feels so tiny compared to this! You have some great colours xx

  3. @snowdrop85 - Thank you. I bought it from a UK seller on ebay. The link is - I've used them a few times and never had any problems. :) xXx

  4. @ Olivia - Thank you :) xXx

  5. ooo nice selection me likey - i am nail polish mad with my fave brands being Models Own, Nails Inc and OPI.

    t x

  6. This has led to some cravings :s oh dear! What is the pink revlon one in the top row? It doesn't say xx

  7. @ lydia - thanks for pointing that out, I've added it on now! It's relon - posh pink. xXx


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